Natasha Legeyeda and Vitamin C added on Dec 02, 2016

Natasha Legeyeda and Vitamin C - 1
Natasha Legeyeda possesses a level of beauty that makes people forget about their inhibitions. Is ink not your thing? Natasha can get you past that. Her thighs read, "Death is a promise." Some might think this is pessimism. Richard Dawkins argues that death is the anesthetic that prevents us from having to deal with eternity. Dick, I would be fine if my simulation did not expire, but I can't do anything about it either way, so the Dude abides.
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Bonus Video Clip

I want her pic #65 to sit on my face like that
dufreakjo - 4 months ago
Natasha is incredible...especially the boobs!
jayjay88 - 8 months ago
I want be in her pants...
Mepa2120 - 8 months ago
Love the fur around her panties!
Alterion - 12 months ago
Super, Super Video, thank you
ducky - 12 months ago
wow, wow, wow
kleinerwini - 12 months ago
Why?! Why does a woman with the most rare and beautiful gifts from God, cover them with graffiti? Except for that, she is stunning.
plover65 - 12 months ago
The most beautiful girl on this site.
Harkoss - 12 months ago
Nice rack.
lonic123 - 12 months ago
Reminds me of Kendra Sunderland, another thin beauty with natural wonders.
MixnMingle - 12 months ago
GuyinGreen - 12 months ago
Wow. What a set of lungs!
moopieb72 - 12 months ago
Natasha is one of those women who prove that we are meant to be happy in this world. So so happy!
radiofredd - 12 months ago
Nice tits. I could do without the tattoos, but the chest more than makes up for them.
foulmouthedleon - 12 months ago
One word sensational!! ❤️❤️
Spitfire - 12 months ago
She's so naturally beautiful. I wonder if she is as beautiful on the inside? Such massive natural breasts! Am certain she need only to lift a finger for her male companionship. Hetereo right?
wink - 12 months ago
Oh my god, those tits. Those tits, oh my god.
benovan - 12 months ago
Hand out some Qualudes and call the Pope, goodness gracious what a beauty!
swaghouse - 12 months ago
This set is probably the best you've ever shot, but the video is Definitely your best! <3 Thank God for Natasha!!!
Sashax - 12 months ago
I cant help but laugh at all the BOYS who freak out at a bush.. one day when you grow up, you can enjoy a real woman.. What a beautiful model here!
Frosted_Butts - 12 months ago
hairy, tattoed... nothing special!
rocketeer - 12 months ago
Smoking Red Hot !
sgc - 12 months ago
waydownsouth - 12 months ago
Magnificent. Naturally sexy.
hubbahubba - 12 months ago
Those proportions are just heavenly.
room199 - 12 months ago
While I normally don't care for a lot of body graffiti on a girl, an occasional tasteful inking is o.k. In this girl's case however, with those tits and lips, I would definitely do my best to ignore the ink and spend a lot of time enjoying those nipples. Nice.
rockhopper29 - 12 months ago
real girls have pubes - love it
gboy1640 - 12 months ago
What a set!! (referring to both these photos and Miss Natasha's remarkable assets)
rpfirefly - 12 months ago