Ira Greene at Taschen Books added on Nov 22, 2016

Ira Greene at Taschen Books - 1
I like Taschen Books. They publish some coffee table art smut. I thought their store in Beverly Hills would be a perfect location to take some photos. Ira Greene was game. Luckily. there are some rather private areas in the store and their staff gives you your space. Full disclosure: I once emailed Taschen about putting a Zishy book together. They never responded. It's ok. Books are dead anyways.
Ira Greene at Taschen Books - 2
Ira Greene at Taschen Books - 3
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Her butt says, "grab me"
asphaltcowboy - about 1 month ago
Zishy, thank you for #46, the best butt pic ever. MY GOD that's the prettiest butt ever
dufreakjo - 4 months ago
Beautiful woman, nice find!
ifarted - 10 months ago
Wow, one of my all-time favs as well. Really hoping she'll make a return visit. :)
damsel - 10 months ago
one of my favorites
rabbit77 - 12 months ago
Immediate Top 5!!!
MixnMingle - 12 months ago
Me like.
Ison13 - 12 months ago
I think she might be the most naturally photogenic that you've pictured.
matiou - 12 months ago
Pic 46 is my favourite. Hope we see more of her soon she is one sexy babe 10/10
Ross - 12 months ago
Brilliant. Not sure whether I've said before but so glad you don't strip the EXIF data from your pics Zach! Interesting to peek from time to time to figure out how you've done it and applying on my own Zishy girl \m/
jayzord - 12 months ago
biscayne - 12 months ago
sexy sexy sexy girl. books are not dead.
happyboy - 12 months ago
She's Amazing! Your Public Request More!!!
Tantrum - 12 months ago
Good God in heaven! She's gorgeous!!
billmurraythebatman - 12 months ago
Beautiful, enough said I think
hubbahubba - 12 months ago
moopieb72 - 12 months ago
Holy shit.
r0000b0t - 12 months ago
Great set, lovely girl, hope we see more of her in the future.
lonic123 - 12 months ago
WOW!! What a debut set Ira please come back soon! photo no.60 was for me the best one here fantastic ❤️❤️
Spitfire - 12 months ago
Wow--another favorite. Loving Ira's form and exquisite frontal tattoo.
princefan79 - 12 months ago
What a fantastic set of legs and a wonderful behind. Lovely.
Romulus - 12 months ago
Zishy is alive. What form with Ira. Great setting
axiom49 - 12 months ago
The last pic really speaks to me.............
rockhopper29 - 12 months ago
Wow, she must know she has some of the most desirable legs, just outstanding. Beautiful curves, glorious smile. Total package of desirability.
rockhopper29 - 12 months ago
Ira IS the girl of my dreams...
abennet23 - 12 months ago
cute girl; the worst tattoo
nooneofyourconcern - 12 months ago
Nice beginning... more...
haposai - 12 months ago
hard dick with Ira Greene!
manovella - 12 months ago
cute tatoo
GuyinGreen - 12 months ago
rchangel - 12 months ago
Kcpm - 12 months ago
Sexy boob
Johnny Tees - 12 months ago