Lana Rhoades Pets a Dog added on Oct 07, 2016

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Before I took Lana Rhoades to the beach, I brought her to Downtown Santa Monica. One person told us that we couldn't photograph in front of their store or show their company logo. Another person asked us to not shoot on the sidewalk in front of their church. Yet another person asked if I wanted a pic of Lana petting their dog. Takes all kinds. By the way, Fuck PayPal. After several years, they decided to stop processing payments for Zishy. So if your subscription was under PayPal, it will no longer charge you and your access will eventually expire. Once expired, the site will prompt you for a new payment plan. Sorry, folks. Puritans still exist.
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Perfection...that is the appropriate word to use when one sees this goddess.
rover321 - 6 days ago
The Best!
gojo885 - about 1 month ago
Dios mio!
waydownsouth - 11 months ago
2 bad 4 all h8rs. Lana is cool as a wet cucumber & hot as sleazy sexxx. Power 2 ya' gal!
princefan79 - 12 months ago
incredible shoot
blanco0311 - 12 months ago
I think you said something about pay pal. but uh i got distracted. MY GOD! Those eyes, those shorts, those breasts. those panties, did i mention those eyes. Makes me wanta be a black dude.
axiom49 - 12 months ago
Superb! Oh, what a dream ...
kleinerwini - 12 months ago
Gorgeous eyes, perfect legs, sweeeet ass. She's got it all...nice set Zach!
Weston 11 - 12 months ago
Wow. Just wow.
Romulus - 12 months ago
I am ready for part 2 to continue inside the car... She is stunning!!!
fitz9fitz - 12 months ago
Si el "sosismo" necesitara de una figura, ésta se lleva la palma.
etxegoyen - 12 months ago
This couldn't be better.
billmurraythebatman - 12 months ago
Dear Lord....
moopieb72 - 12 months ago
Good set, love the in public stuff
lonic123 - 12 months ago
gorgeous!!! OMG
joeyz69 - 12 months ago
She has beautiful eyes....................
rockhopper29 - 12 months ago
Hot FTV sample. Too bad that FTV is expensive. They charge you the same price for 6 months that other sites charge for a year. I'll just stick with free porn.
Johnny Tees - 12 months ago
I think I'm in love.
rustcohle - 12 months ago
More Lana, please!
manovella - 12 months ago
Bugger me sideways those pantie shots oh baby!! ❤️❤️
Spitfire - 12 months ago
And here's another comment he left on her other photo set. "Well, I THOUGHT she was gorgeous until I googled her name only to see her banged by a nasty black dude. Kind of kills the girl next door beauty I though I was seeing when I first saw her."
thrustLust - 12 months ago
Black people using racial slurs would also be racism, but Diablo69 didn't actually use a racial slur, so not sure why you brought it up. What is racist is being offended by a white girl doing 'nasty' hardcore w black guys. Now maybe he just isn't into watching black dudes fuck; I wouldn't conside that racist, just preference. However, it comes across (IMO) as not liking white girls doing hardcore w/ black guys; because black. That's racist. Otherwise he could have just said that he didn't like that she did nasty hardcore. Maybe he's not racist. Maybe he just needs to choose his words more carefully.
thrustLust - 12 months ago
Definitely a keeper!
Wilk - 12 months ago
Pic 71 I can smell that.
Johnny Tees - 12 months ago
Why is it considered 'racism'if someone like diablo69,and I'm under the impression that he's white, comments or even mentions 'black people',and when black people criticize whites and call us 'crackers' it's all fine and dandy? It is for some reason considered their right to freedom of speech and expression,but whites can't say jack shit about blacks,even if some of them deserve it. Case in point, Donald Brown, former owner of the L. A. Clippers. Rock on with your opinion diablo69.
biged72 - 12 months ago
What ruins it for me is the racism of diablo69.
thrustLust - 12 months ago
She's perfect in every way. She looks absolutely gorgeous in the "Zishy" format. I just wish I didn't know she also did some pretty nasty hardcore with black dudes. Kinda ruins it for me, but the two photosets here on Zishy shows Lana at her best. Nice job dude! Lana...holy shit!
diablo69 - 12 months ago
Lana is pretty much perfection!
Redlegbob - 12 months ago
TigerWoods - 12 months ago
O.M.G!!! I am sooo in love
Kcpm - 12 months ago
Instant wood!
Ison13 - 12 months ago
Wow, Lana's a stunningly beautiful girl, and I hope to see far more of her in future!!!
RoodieDoodie - 12 months ago