Leisel Bonnke Prefers Film added on Aug 30, 2016

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Leisel Bonnke is a dreamer. She finds fulfillment in capturing human beauty with cameras. How silly. How just like me she is. But there is one thing Leisel and I disagree on. She feels that film, as a medium, remains superior to digital imaging. I appreciate both, but give me digital any day of the week. If the only option was film, Zishy would not exist. It is similar to how it took cars and planes to create the Internet. Try to imagine building a global network of cables only using horseback transportation. It wouldn't happen. Leisel, you look amazing on my 'inferior' digital camera. Come to the dark side.
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Leisel is a beauty, love her smile (and the rest of her too of course). Hope to see more of her asap!
Lemonbird - 4 months ago
One of the best sets. - Really Love it. - Love image. 9-11. - thats a set I signed in for. Thanks
greywolf - 5 months ago
Her breasts and booty are forms of perfection for sure!
radiofredd - 7 months ago
love her sheer outfit
rabbit77 - 9 months ago
My God!! I would LOVE to part those lips with my tongue!!!!!!!
Snibb - 9 months ago
Alright, my favorite now
Drewby - 9 months ago
moopieb72 - 9 months ago
Very nice!!
Spitfire - 9 months ago
She is 100% Sexy. I really can't wait for the next set of this sexy babe. 10/10
Ross - 9 months ago
Gorgeous give me more ...pic 17 & 18 b-e-a-utiful.
muttley - 9 months ago
Love that trimmed pussy mmmmm
slyfoxslyz - 9 months ago
Very hot! Love the sheer outfit.
voyeur13 - 9 months ago
Bravo. More shots in that sheer dress would've been nice, but I have no complaints. I hope to see her again!
benovan - 9 months ago
Whoa. 0 to 110 in 40 frames. I would say that has to be a new Zishy record.
every_breath24 - 9 months ago
This model could benefit a great deal from some makeup
jukd22 - 9 months ago
Just great!! This is the sets that makes me love this site... Please a part II, I am dreaming with it
haposai - 9 months ago
What a lovely young lady looks like she could be Chole' Sevigny's sister..beautiful
magjim29 - 9 months ago
I love playing with film, but digital does the job pretty well. Of course, I enjoy digital music over vinyl, so what do I know? Leisel is angelic. Great gallery.
edgarallanpoe - 9 months ago
ILFORD Delta 100 FTW :)
Ragnar2014 - 9 months ago
Strong opening... hope we see more of this girl.
lonic123 - 9 months ago
Nice booty pic 36
Johnny Tees - 9 months ago
Nice one, too shy
julienF - 9 months ago
Film it is. Especially the thin, clingy kind she's wearing in the last half of the images.
amy_celeste - 9 months ago
started off quite tame but the sheer outfit in the latter half saved the day on this one...that visual in particular is incredible to me just about every time I see it.
Diablo7 - 9 months ago