Natasha Legeyda Creative Visions added on Jul 23, 2016

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Natasha Legeyda won the genetic Olympics. Is it because she is Russian? Or is it because she is Italian? This inked-up beauty with the natural figure of an adult store mannequin swears she never even works out. Natasha just keeps moving, constantly traveling and searching for happiness and adventure. Free Milo.
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She's gonna be a legend with just a bit more exposure. Thanks for bringing more Natasha to the world.
radiofredd - over 1 year ago
Stunning photography, incredible model.
Deangaffney - almost 2 years ago
This has to be one of the all time best shoots. This girl is incredible!
ifd474 - almost 2 years ago
Natasha is an ultravixen!
joeyz69 - almost 2 years ago
She reminds me of a fresh wind. Solid shoot to boot.
rustcohle - almost 2 years ago
moopieb72 - almost 2 years ago
BTW - I hope there is a video you have just not posted yet - that body in motion in that top would be something to see I'm SURE!
hottyryder - almost 2 years ago
Free Natasha's shorts. Oh and someday maybe you should do a shoot of Johnny Tees just so we can criticize his ass.
axiom49 - almost 2 years ago
I agree with you about the ban on Twitter, what does it solve? What does it fix? Think Milo is a prick though, but y'know, freedom of speech and all that, if he knew anything about me he'd probably come to the same opinion about me too and we'd both be right... unless Milo starts either photographing the girls here or modelling you will have my subscription... now let me look at Natasha so thoughts of Milo fade into an infinitesimal speck before vanishing completely... oh Natasha...
Rubbl3z - almost 2 years ago
I honestly don't really give a shit about Milo. I've heard him on the JRE a few times and I found him to be entertaining and somewhat intelligent. I don't know what he did or said, but banning someone off of Twitter? How lame is that?
Zach Venice - almost 2 years ago
Mostly I respect your views Zack, but you are way off the mark about Milo.
Nard - almost 2 years ago
Private companies being forced to provide their platforms for hateful speech is not Freedom of Speech. Not renewing, either.
mozuon - almost 2 years ago
totally brilliant..........
TigerWoods - almost 2 years ago
Free Milo? Oh dear. Won't be renewing my subscription.
edzishy - almost 2 years ago
Sacre bleu! She's a brick house!
Ragnar2014 - almost 2 years ago
every girl you photograph should do one shoot in this outfit - short shorts, tank top. Awesome
hottyryder - almost 2 years ago
"Genetic Olympics" gold medalist is apropos. Women like Natasha don't even have to try.
MixnMingle - almost 2 years ago
I'm sorry. Can somebody slap me? I'm going to wake up tomorrow and see if this just happened.
damsel - almost 2 years ago
Non so bene se preferisco i tuoi set qui o quelli su SG. Difficile scelta.
Scheggia - almost 2 years ago
no booty ):
Johnny Tees - almost 2 years ago
Extraordinary!!!!! She's one of my all time favorites!
billmurraythebatman - almost 2 years ago
Natasha gets my Instant Boner Award!
Netdog53 - almost 2 years ago
Absolutely love this girl. Her modeling care is legendary. That tennis shoot!
edgarallanpoe - almost 2 years ago
Oh wow Natasha you are just amazing! Photos 21 & 32 are the best in the set for me they are just to cute babe!!
Spitfire - almost 2 years ago
Yeehaw!!! Happy to see this lovely lady return to us here on zishy. Hope she comes back again really soon and brings her beauty & curves along with her. Stay beautiful Ms. Legeyeda.
biged72 - almost 2 years ago