Abby Vissers Subway Blows added on Jun 16, 2016

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Subway blows, but I still eat it from time to time. It puts on a decent facade of being healthy. Its locations are ubiquitous. And I think they sprinkle their food with crack. Just the same, I find Abby Vissers to be 2,487 times more appealing than "eating fresh". Abby's freckles are from Minnesota. She told me she would not do video. She finds herself to be too awkward. How many of you agree? Jake Weber's instrumental cover of Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off" is the song in the bonus video.
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Bonus Video Clip

one of the most exquisite women on the planet!
pierre - 3 months ago
So nice and natural
antoine - 11 months ago
red-haired women are so sexy
Heel_Nerd - 11 months ago
Those freckles absolutely slay me... And her soft pink areolas are a delight!!
Hornytxn - about 1 year ago
wonderful set of photos … she is not awkward at all … she is hot … and in that video she is stunning …love dat ass
greywolf - over 1 year ago
Redheads forever! Perky and bouncy defined to a T!
radiofredd - over 1 year ago
O M G.... More of her pleaaseeeeee...
Strago - over 1 year ago
Pic 16 is ART
docdoc26 - over 1 year ago
I too would take Abby over Subway any day. Please get her back soon!
JuanL29 - over 1 year ago
Abby is amazing in her video; I could watch her for hours...
Hirundo - over 1 year ago
Abby is darling! Bring her back in that same dress, but a thong and high heels and let her dance and play to the camera!
kcimsan - over 1 year ago
So beautiful girl Abby is ! Love her. Cute she is, lovely freckles !
bbm3 - over 1 year ago
You need to seriously step your video game up buddy AKA mediocre
Nightviper23 - over 1 year ago
She does not look awkward in the video. She looks like she is having fun which is important. If a model has fun in front of the camera that's sexy. It is oftentimes those models that try too hard to look sexy that come across as awkward. Thoughts?
Jimhoff - over 1 year ago
Amazing sexy video... her breasts so pert & firm & giggerly, & love those freckles.
muttley - over 1 year ago
Eat fresh is right, I am longing to bury my face in her!
angelraven - over 1 year ago
She's not awkward, she'e awesome!
Wilhelm - over 1 year ago
Most beautiful girl ever. Perfect. I... just... cannot believe how cute she is.
Naaf Faan - over 1 year ago
joeyz69 - over 1 year ago
Make me want to eat fresh..
wendall - over 1 year ago
Totally adorable.
Redmeat - over 1 year ago
A good start!
moopieb72 - over 1 year ago
It's super cute when a beautiful girl like this is a bit awkward.
Lerez - over 1 year ago
Damien7583 - over 1 year ago
Beautiful. Fantastic smile and attitude. Can't wait for her next session.
gatorcoffee - over 1 year ago
Very NIce
okiguy74070 - over 1 year ago
Please have her back, straight up
LeatherSoSoft - over 1 year ago
she's a gem... Call her back for more!
kidego - over 1 year ago
Welcome Abby! Beautiful set I just love freckles!!
Spitfire - over 1 year ago
Incredible. Love those freckles! Much more please.
ifd474 - over 1 year ago
Wonderful. I love freckles, so I think she's glorious. I hope she comes back again.
flaerndip0 - over 1 year ago
She is seriously perfect.
room199 - over 1 year ago
Freckles are the best!
room199 - over 1 year ago
Wow - Abby is gorgeous!
remigius - over 1 year ago
TigerWoods - over 1 year ago
She's very beautiful!
Grumpy0308 - over 1 year ago
texmex01 - over 1 year ago
On this occasion I found the video awesome because Abbeys' smile was just gorgeous where your photos this time just didn't cut it. I understand you are a professional photographer but yet again it was disappointing due to grainy ill thought pics.
PaC - over 1 year ago
Yeah! This is my kind of girl and then some. Brilliant set!!!
arsmoriendi - over 1 year ago
Awkward? No! Sexy? YES!!!
DT - over 1 year ago
DAMN!! Maybe the best model ever on Zishy. About 10,000 more photos of her PLEASE...
uanltigers - over 1 year ago
I bet she's really fun to be around. She has no reason to think herself awkward ... she's amazing!
hoosierpapa - over 1 year ago
I could spend my life connecting those dots
Matisse - over 1 year ago
This girl is really amazing. Love the video!
jerryzilt - over 1 year ago
She is MUCH more interesting than anything going on inside Dodger stadium these days. I, for one, would love to see more of her.
archeron - over 1 year ago
Abby is a real winner! Bring her back soon please!!! Mwah!
Netdog53 - over 1 year ago
I love me a nice redhead!
voyeur13 - over 1 year ago
Diablo7 - over 1 year ago
Of all the gorgeous, spectacular women Zach has portrayed so beautifully, (gasp), Abby je bohyně žena. :*
damsel - over 1 year ago
She's great! Show us more of her, please.
Wilhelm - over 1 year ago
3 words come to mind / fresh, adorable, and hot .
sgc - over 1 year ago
Gorgeous & enticing, her boobs hypnotic through that very short dress, especially in the video. Please come back soon Abby. <3
Ison13 - over 1 year ago
Mmmm, this gorgeous ginger makes me so Hard!!!
Wilk - over 1 year ago
I love redheads. She's beautiful.
edgarallanpoe - over 1 year ago
very cute!
beeger - over 1 year ago
Mehr davon!
Headshrinker - over 1 year ago