Jazz Reilly Natural Yelps added on Jun 06, 2016

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Our favorite professional dancer from Vegas returns. Jazz Reilly hit me up, letting me know that she was coming to LA to work on a TV show. She would have a day off and would love to shoot again. Jazz even offered to be more revealing this time around. It was a no-brainer to quickly clear my schedule and some digital media. Jazz has many fans and is consistently requested to return. So we planned a hike in Mandeville Canyon and wrapped with some photos indoors. More from the bedroom to follow. Vladimir Cosma's "Sirba" is the song in the bonus video.
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Bonus Video Clip

other than a fetish, backbends, bridges , inverted body's (head's getting about the same color as the feet) and other stretches go right on into the thumbs up happy book :)
PatrynXX - 3 months ago
And that's a healthy lassie!
wink - 8 months ago
Nice boob job!
wink - 9 months ago
joeyz69 - over 1 year ago
nice sexy video
deann - over 1 year ago
amazing! would love to see more!
nothere - over 1 year ago
Thanks, Coco. Updated the caption. I feel dumb!
Zach Venice - over 1 year ago
Hi ! From what I know, the song in the video was written by Wladimir Cosma, but was used in a film involving Pierre Richard. Excellent set anyway, as always.
Coco - over 1 year ago
Perfection! More please.
thoth - over 1 year ago
I go back to the Jazz Reilly sets to remind me of why I signed up for Zishy.Hot and fit girl.
Johnny Tees - over 1 year ago
What a body.
moopieb72 - over 1 year ago
Agree Jacobson, more please!
Johnny Tees - over 1 year ago
Can we have more of her, please?
jacobson - over 1 year ago
Hey Jazz since you soo graciously presented more of your beautiful self to us here in these pics would you be willing to do another set in the shower showing more like you did in this one, amd maybe even a video to go with it? Please??? Thank you sooo much
biged72 - over 1 year ago
I love this set, one of the finest yet
hubbahubba - over 1 year ago
Thanks a million for brining Jazz back! Pretty face, boobs and ass.
Johnny Tees - over 1 year ago
Is she as intolerably sweet as she seems to be? So, friendly and so sexy. The stretching at the end was a special treat. I hope she feels very welcomed by zishy.
flaerndip0 - over 1 year ago
Hey Zach, bit of a problem here bro, there are only 5 stars :D
TheJAY - over 1 year ago
Such an overwhelming and pleasant surprise to see her back again, revealing even more! When I went on Zishy this morning I took a second look because I did not recognize her from the thumbnail. Then I read it and was was shocked with joy! I just had a thought that she ended with last Vegas shower shoot. My favorite! THANKS SO MUCH!!
imontopic - over 1 year ago
So, what about Jazz sign a contract with Zach and we have new pictorials of her everyday, huh?
perrochileno - over 1 year ago
Zach, Jazz, thank you. I have been having a difficult time of things recently and I just wasn't ready for this Monday morning. To find that this was today's update just made everything better. Completely blown away. Jazz, you are my favourite model on this site, thank you for returning and bringing so much fun and personality to these sets. Zach, thank you for running this site, and for being the sort of photographer that models want to continue working with, despite the distances sometimes involved! I just want you both to know that I, among many others, appreciate it.
Booker - over 1 year ago
wow she is definatly still my favourite
superosc99 - over 1 year ago
Mmmmmm, what an amazing body!
Wilk - over 1 year ago
Nice to see Jazz back again!
room199 - over 1 year ago
So glad to see another set of this babe. Without doubt she has one of the most delicious bodies, those legs especially, that butt, those sweet little titties, pretty face and that succulent mouth. All good...... Prime Grade A
rockhopper29 - over 1 year ago
Nice photo 21 is delightful! ;D
Spitfire - over 1 year ago
Well done!
waydownsouth - over 1 year ago
rafael - over 1 year ago
I love her!! She is so so hot!! I missed a couple pics more... Total and frontal nudity... Come on Jazz!!
haposai - over 1 year ago
Welcome back, Jazz!
voyeur13 - over 1 year ago
Can't wait to see the 'more to follow from the bedroom' stuff you are referring to Zach. Hopefully it will be very soon. Regardless it will be soo great to see the ever soo beautiful and sexy Ms. Reilly again. Can't wait!!!
biged72 - over 1 year ago
I haven't even checked out the whole set yet, I'm soo happy and blown away that the lovely Ms. Reilly has returned. I'm happy to see her again, but double happy when Zach says she agreed to be a little bit more revealing. And its cool that its a big enough set to require a second page. Thank you for returning Jazz and thanks for shuffling your schedule Zach to capture her beauty amd sensuality.
biged72 - over 1 year ago
BEAUTIFUL MODEL! DEFF need more of her! 10/10 :)
MegaNerd09 - over 1 year ago
Beautiful. Thank you both. ❤ Jazz is one of the rare beauties you were lucky to stumble upon and I thank her for every shoot. And thank you for the foot shots!
edgarallanpoe - over 1 year ago
Jazz, you have brought pure happiness into this sad old world. Whatever convinced you to do a more revealing shoot was a good instinct. Keep following your bliss.
Taffy Lewis - over 1 year ago