Maylen Fiero In Zishy Suit added on Apr 03, 2012

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Maylen Fiero is a ridiculously energetic and upbeat person, but I guess every beautiful 18-year old has a reason to be excited. She arrived and had an spontaneous desire to be photographed in this bodysuit. Knowing how seductive these look on girls' bodies, I was not going to argue. Maylen has worked for a medicinal marijuana dispensary and as a spokes model for some NASCAR sporting events. Claiming to be a mega-stoner in the past, Maylen has just given up smoking weed. Hopefully it stuck, because her energy was amazing to be around.
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persianj -- would rather have a site where they can find the model more than they are here at zishy. That way Zishy would remain even for it's core original , a tease site..
PatrynXX - 7 months ago
Like Hetairoi said 3 years ago... "Zishy suit is the best"
SoloZoro - 8 months ago
I would love to lick Maylen's pussy...please bring her back for more! :)
pantsongrnd - over 1 year ago
What a fun girl and very nice eyes and infectious grin.
WayneCon - over 3 years ago
zishy suit is the best
Hetairoi - over 3 years ago
Simply stunning, lovely
geofold - over 4 years ago
Beautiful, really wish like others have said also, that there were some great full nudes at the end of each set for paying members! That would make all the sets even 100 times better than they already are.
persianj - over 4 years ago
YES faces!! <3 love it
Aysha Thoen - about 5 years ago
i love her eyes
goShmit - over 5 years ago