Lanie Morgan for Tic Tacs added on May 03, 2016

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One of these days, I am going to become a highly sought-after commercial photographer. Brands will hire me to shoot their campaigns. I will get to pander to others' creative visions, OR maybe I will find clever ways to pimp out unnecessary products to people I don't relate to. Either way, it is guaranteed there will be plenty of ass to kiss. Adventures with women like Lanie Morgan will be a dirty secret of my past. I can't wait. Eat Tic Tacs.
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Bonus Video Clip

The sad thing is she isn't even trying to be desirable. She just is.
My2ndVice - 3 months ago
Is this a joke?
kcimsan - 4 months ago
I have a strange fetish.. I love grocery store shots !
billzish - 6 months ago
Ok my new number one!
Blkstln - 6 months ago
OMG what a sexy irresistible body in this tight dress.....WoW
joeyz69 - 7 months ago
why did she take out her peircing? is it because of the hateful people who comment here about tattoos and the like? you got that shit for you, fuck what they say!
Mic_virus - 7 months ago
More of her please, amazing!
Morgans - 7 months ago
If you simply google lanie morgan then images you get loads of pics, then seek large pics and enjoy. She is so fucking hot.
rockhopper29 - 7 months ago
One of the coolest chicks that does porn. Met her at a mall a year ago. Would date and marry this chick in a heart beat.
mden15 - 9 months ago
I enjoyed the peek-a-boo puss shot.
moopieb72 - 10 months ago
Super sweety giiiiirl! Super fun and teasing set of pics, grea, applause!
AndyC - 10 months ago
Lanie Morgan is amazing! More please!
filthandfun - 11 months ago
I love the model! Beautiful girl with an astonishing behind
ILikeMoneyandPorn - 11 months ago
Excellent public tease!!!!!!!!!!!!!
fitz9fitz - 11 months ago
Beautiful buxom woman, would love to see her with a fat hairy bush tho
muttley - 11 months ago
The crouching shots were naughty. Would've liked to see a bit more of what's under that dress, though.
J - 11 months ago
I could watch her walk all day.
2juta4 - 11 months ago
10 stars, more please
weblawless - 11 months ago
I want her to have my children!
kidego - 11 months ago
woo yes those curves! Delicious.
Diablo7 - 11 months ago
Hi is this new or was it shot about a year ago ?
pinkie - 11 months ago
More please and thank you. Maybe show off how she fills out some swimwear?!
losommuc - 11 months ago
I always find it amusing when young guys assume their not peeking now. But maybe that's a statement about me. Good luck. And pick your favorite melon.
axiom49 - 11 months ago
Very sexy can't wait for the next set.
Ross - 11 months ago
I absolutely adore women with a beautiful full bottom, and you certainly have that. Thank you!
pleasant_contractions - 11 months ago
one of the best ever sets......
gpro - 11 months ago
Lanie, amazing body, a new best one
sachman - 11 months ago
Laine photo 53 is awesome with just a hint of pussy and a backside to die for!! ;D
Spitfire - 11 months ago
Wow Laine! Flashing in the supermarket now that is my kind of shopping there is always room for an amazing pair of boobs in my shopping basket oh and don't forget the tic tacs he he!! ;D
Spitfire - 11 months ago
Without a doubt, Lanie is my new favorite. Share those curves with the world, and share often.
goodcleanfun - 11 months ago
Amazing curves.
mb110569 - 11 months ago
Excellent work Lanie and Zach. Her curvy body is absolutely stunning and she really fills the gown out really good. I cant wait to see her sex scenes. I wish I was on the set with her to see her work. Maybe next time in sexy lingerie in a bedroom or the shower. This is one of the reasons why I joined this site.
stjpth12 - 11 months ago
Dat ass
Johnny Tees - 11 months ago
Gorgeous...More of Lanie Morgan :: 10 stars!!!!
Rockstar123 - 11 months ago
archeron - 11 months ago
Beautiful gal , would luv to c her in tight yoga pants
pablosoze - 11 months ago
Nice curves, three thumbs up!
Ison13 - 11 months ago
I suddenly need to buy Tic Tacs.
voyeur13 - 11 months ago
Great! 4.5 stars, I loved a 2 total nudity pics... These sets make me remember why I'm here. More like this Zach
haposai - 11 months ago
rastauc1984 - 11 months ago
I'm in love. Lanie is gorgeous! Thank you Lanie and Zach. :D
rme - 11 months ago
MORE!!! This girl is outstanding. Beauty and the bod.
Mohawk - 11 months ago
Mostly grainy pictures :o(
Plankton - 11 months ago
Glad to see such a beautiful lady like Ms. Lanie appear on here. Love her curves,smile and everything about her. Would love to see her in a set in her bedroom, or maybe even the shower. Thank you for being soo lovely and beautiful Lanie. Please come back......soon. ;)
biged72 - 11 months ago
Just amazing Lanie, your curves and beauty are spectacular, great job.
persianj - 11 months ago
More of Lanie Morgan; 5 stars!
Substance - 11 months ago