Katya Timakova Russian Tanlines added on Apr 21, 2016

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I have a recurring a dream where I visit Russia. In this dream, my wife is Russian and we visit her family from time to time where she grew up, on the coast of the Baltic Sea. My wife, through wisdom and strength allows me to provocatively photograph attractive young women as a 'business'. In fact, in this dream, she even finds me a beautiful teenager to photograph while we visit her hometown. She even acts as my damn translator for Katya Timakova. I'm telling you, this is a great fucking dream. Does this Yantarny actually exist? A town that thrives off its amber mining? I do not want to wake up. Alla Pugacheva's Arlekino is the song in the bonus video.
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Bonus Video Clip

5 stars for this set … favorite is pic 33 and 72 … just lovely
greywolf - 4 months ago
OMFG she's gorgeous ;)
yssupvuli - 7 months ago
katya is my new favourite zishy model
TigerWoods - 8 months ago
Like Katya ass up very much ! She is a real beauty, and very hot !
bbm3 - 10 months ago
Gorgeous, with a magnificent ass!
filthandfun - 11 months ago
whteverking - 11 months ago
Nice! ;D
Spitfire - 11 months ago
Life is worth living with beautiful people such as Katia. Thank you!
Claude Lepage - 11 months ago
meh. . .
anon10200 - 11 months ago
Sorry, this set is below standard. It deserves no better than a D grade.
rockhopper29 - 11 months ago
I have no idea what ducky is complaining about. Katya is extremely hot and her body looks fantastic in that bikini. Her tongue is a monster and I like women with big tongues. I bet she could give Gene Simmons a run for his money. What a great place to shoot too right on the beach. Have her back as many times as you want.
stjpth12 - 11 months ago
Would like more.
moopieb72 - 11 months ago
Too much of a Vikiny and nothing substancial
ducky - 11 months ago
TigerWoods - 11 months ago
Hot damn! She's incredible.
voyeur13 - 11 months ago
fabulous Katya!! she's miss bOOty and monster fantastic tongue!! i love it and her
joeyz69 - 11 months ago
Oh, she's a nice one. That smile!
edgarallanpoe - 11 months ago