Zoe Fletcher Not Enough Strawberry added on Apr 05, 2016

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Zoe Fletcher likes junk food. After indulging on a strawberry shortcake ice cream bar and a strawberry-flavored Shasta, we walked around and snapped pics. Then, Zoe got a craving for 'real' food. She was in a hurry, so we went to Taco Bell, where Zoe changed into comfortable clothes for work. She is a hair dresser. The health-conscious, LA mindset has not made s convert of this beauty from Montana. But it will. Break free from sugar addiction's chains!
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billzish - 27 days ago
Some like it red. Superb !
polo64 - 11 months ago
Little did the photo bombers know........, Zach I get you're promotion of sugar boycott. Fad's can be just that. Like smoking. It's not that bad for you...........right?
axiom49 - 11 months ago
Gorgeous young lady. I hope she returns many more times.
maxwolf9 - 12 months ago
She is so spectacularly beautiful. She's so gorgeous and sexy that it's almost hard to believe that she exists! Zoe might be my favorite Zishy girl ever. I hope she returns many, many, many more times!
billmurraythebatman - 12 months ago
Zoe is still spectacular, good job guys
TheJAY - 12 months ago
Break free of the fad chains Zach, don't believe the alarmist bullshit. 20 years ago MSG was going to be the end of civilisation, it's still here and we're living longer than ever, 10 years ago it was aluminium pots, then it was Aspartame and Sudan Red, now it's sugar . . . The biggest danger is "man's" proclivity for believing every story (or misinterpreted volume of study data) that's spun 180 degrees to say something else. It's villainised sugar, and convinced countless people that they are going to heaven for blowing themselves up... Deny the lies
TheJAY - 12 months ago
Great Work Zach. I dont know whats sweeter that strawberry soda and shortcake bra or those nipples, tits, ass and legs of hers. I think she looked good in both outfits but I prefer the jeans and t shirt too. In the next set maybe you could have her in some lingerie.
stjpth12 - 12 months ago
she looks so much hotter in jeans and t-shirt... that skirt is plain lame hahaha
perrochileno - 12 months ago
dem freckles...
griffin2002 - 12 months ago
Zoe I want your nipples they are yummy! ;D
Spitfire - 12 months ago
good start.
moopieb72 - 12 months ago
The first set of Zoe was more more sexy and in this set the color is bad
ducky - 12 months ago
Really nice girl... More of her please and showing more of course..
haposai - 12 months ago
thanks. it was about time to bring her back! come on zack bring some more!!
rafael - 12 months ago
Beautiful girl showing almost nothing...
Pytong - 12 months ago
Pic 54 cuties
Johnny Tees - 12 months ago
One of my all-time favorite girls on the site returns! What a lovely day it's going to be. Thanks Zach! More more!
damsel - 12 months ago
Damn, I think she looked even better after she changed. Girl is just damn beautiful
Ironborn - 12 months ago