Ember Volland Pretend Bravery Is Still added on Jan 25, 2016

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The full phrase is: Pretend bravery is still bravery. One of the most addictive aspects of my work is exhibiting and being around people who exhibit fearlessness. Ember Volland is exemplary in this regard. I am quite certain she had fear. In fact, she told me she was surprised how much we were able to get away with at Austin's historic Driskill Hotel. The difference between her and most others is that she did not let fear control her actions. That sort of thing is contagious.
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joeyz69 - 4 months ago
...she did not let fear control her actions. That sort of thing is contagious." !?!?!?!?!?!? WELL SAID! I think have the fun of shooting naked girls where they aren't supposed to be is that rush of feeling like you just pulled off a Bank Job lol !! Love that ! I always shoot women in public ;) I love it
ALLCHEEE808 - 5 months ago
bring her back sir!... what a sexxxyyyyy hot bitch!! omgosh!!!
pusiecat - 8 months ago
I think the "fear" was yours, Zach. Glad you're doing more in Texas. Oh, and get a room!
axiom49 - 10 months ago
Oh yeah! What a set - just imagine that shoot without the panties! Whew!!!
justme - 12 months ago
Amazing lady.
WayneCon - 12 months ago
Fantastic work Zach and Ember, not sure if I like pic 3 or 4 the most. But I'd recommend Ember add both to her personal portfolio cuz they're fantastic headshots
TheJAY - 12 months ago
I would like to have a nice cup of coffee with her. Ooff!
Claude Lepage - 12 months ago
Fantastic girl, nice pictures. Hope you're back soon !
Alain - 12 months ago
man! you have got to bring more.
rafael - 12 months ago
Fantastic girl and nice pix. Please come back soon !!
Alain - 12 months ago
One of the best sets EVER... Ember is lovely and courageous... incredible set!!
Ithou69 - 12 months ago
WOW!!!! :O Amazing set!
Ison13 - 12 months ago
best set yet! more like this!
kissmywindow - 12 months ago
best set yet! more like this!
kissmywindow - 12 months ago
Great set, shame about the hooker heels!
Zephyr - 12 months ago
Good God in heaven. I just watched the video for the first time and it's incredible. I really, really, really wish it was in HQ. I'm surprised that it's not.
billmurraythebatman - 12 months ago
Hi Zak, of course this is a beautiful model and these are strong photos. But I have a general complaint. I am a big fan of your aesthetic but it would be cool if you included more beautiful women of color to Zishy. But hats and pants off to Zishy overall.
grizzlybear33 - 12 months ago
Oh hell yeah photo 70 is amazing!! ;D
Spitfire - 12 months ago
It's so great to see Ember again! Thank you both for this absolutely perfect gift on my birthday! :D <3
Sashax - 12 months ago
Lol funny pic at 91
Johnny Tees - 12 months ago
you have been killing it on the last few galleries...
blanco0311 - 12 months ago
It's been awhile since I've been this excited for a set. Awesome stuff.
jerryzilt - 12 months ago
Oh Hell yes.
Kerry65 - 12 months ago
This Set is one of the best on this site! Great luxurious athmosphere and lighting, Ember - a girt to dream of, who knows, how to pose erotically. Not to forget the video - a striptease on the floor, patially on all fours - is great idea which allows many different views as on usual strips. 5 Stars +!
Wilhelm - 12 months ago
Wow. Amazing shoot zac. Wish the video was high def and a little longer :)
sargie - 12 months ago
Ember you are just too perfect honey...I absolutely agree with the other members this deserves a standing ovation....please bring as much of her as you possibly can...the definition of the perfect woman....too awesome :)
persianj - 12 months ago
Absolutely stunning woman. It looks like she left the rib shack and went straight to the hotel.
rollo - 12 months ago
Stellar set! Everything about this is stellar. I definitely want to see more!
billmurraythebatman - 12 months ago
Wow Zach. Ember is absolutely gorgeous. She has great boobs and the ass tease with the skirt was great. A really interesting setting too. The panties are really sexy and a great tease there too. Definitely have more of her. 12 out of 10 stars for me.
stjpth12 - 12 months ago
moopieb72 - 12 months ago
Is there more cause now that I'm addicted I need more lol
Thawkelvis - 12 months ago
Yes siree Bob, five, count them, five friggin stars for Ember Volland. She has now set the standard.
waydownsouth - 12 months ago
omg 5 stars. Fucking 5 stars.
arsmoriendi - 12 months ago
OMG! Fantastic. More. Much more!
DT - 12 months ago
sooooo sexy
gimphorn - 12 months ago
Why did u yell her to put her clothes on in the video ?....she was just getting warmed up
muttley - 12 months ago
oh, what a dream - she is the very best - much more please
kleinerwini - 12 months ago
wow, this girl is fantastic!
Honorius - 12 months ago
The beauty, the daring, standing ovation.
2juta4 - 12 months ago
Beautiful girl, great set!
jg123 - 12 months ago