Ursa Finley Has An Octopus added on Nov 10, 2015

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Ursa Finley has a tattoo of an octopus on her body. I have come around a bit with ink. I used to dislike it for a number of reasons. Now, I realize that it is pointless, perhaps even counter-productive, to have such negative feelings towards anything, especially if that thing is rather meaningless. Slide. Some ink, like Ursa's octo, I can even appreciate. I still stand firmly by one view: that a profession in tattoo removal is a safe choice for one's future.
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Meow meow Ursa
wink - over 1 year ago
such a nice body...terrible tatoo.
time4play - almost 2 years ago
I hope we see her again soon!
dirkredson - about 2 years ago
Nature is a better art form.
axiom49 - over 2 years ago
Hate the ink, but it was an interesting design. But Ursa made it worth looking at.
WayneCon - over 2 years ago
...we perceive that you also have a nice tight blonde pussy...why don't you show it to us?
Maritza - over 2 years ago
That's a cheap apartment
JCDC - over 2 years ago
nice Butt!
joeyz69 - over 2 years ago
The octopus tattoo is a strange thing, but it ends up looking cute after all. I like Ursa's hips more than that tat, though!
princefan79 - over 2 years ago
Really sexy set but I've got to say it the tatt is a turn off
muttley - over 2 years ago
Not so much...
ghosts - over 2 years ago
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james007 - over 2 years ago
Nice booty
Johnny Tees - over 2 years ago
I'm glad you came around on tattoos. I'd hate to see you disqualify a beautiful lady from your site because of something as widespread and trivial as tats.
handsomecharles - over 2 years ago
Best ever! WOW!
Joey789 - over 2 years ago
Oh my word, she's lovely. Great bum and tantalising undies.
Hog - over 2 years ago
I hope to see alot more, she is beautiful
jimthetruckdriver - over 2 years ago
Sweet, Sexy,
jimthetruckdriver - over 2 years ago
That's an octopussy.
qidui - over 2 years ago
Nothing lost in translation. Insanely hot! Ursa just melts my brain, yo.
doctor octagon - over 2 years ago
hmmm...I just don't know...
moopieb72 - over 2 years ago
O my God she is so FINE!
hog39dry - over 2 years ago
Wow, what a sexy girl!!!
redpurple - over 2 years ago
2juta4 - over 2 years ago
Again, I am in in total agreement with biged72. Spot on.
waydownsouth - over 2 years ago
She even makes the tatoo beautiful
rockabil - over 2 years ago
that is such a great ass... I still don't like tattoos though...she looks good despite the tat.
Diablo7 - over 2 years ago
When I checked this morning to see what the new update was I was happy & def anticipated in seeing the pics. I was not disappointed nor let down. Great set Ursa. Great set Zach.
biged72 - over 2 years ago
Hmm.....Henna tattoo or pen? or real? - she is a beautiful woman though.....thanks guys! :)
smiley981 - over 2 years ago
A focused foot shot would've been lovely for this beautiful lass.
edgarallanpoe - over 2 years ago
Love it
juan ch - over 2 years ago
INK - Perhaps if we knew the reason.
HenryJ - over 2 years ago