Wendy Patton Scary Beautiful added on Nov 01, 2015

Wendy Patton Scary Beautiful - 1
Wendy Patton is stunning, goofy, and flexible. She grew up taking dance class and did that until she injured her knee. Now she aims her focus on being a fashion model. Enjoy this evening I spent with her near Topanga Beach. You will see More of her in the future.
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Bonus Video Clip

nice to see a good photographer taking great pictures of a beautiful babe
tomkoma - 25 days ago
Not a fan of extreme close-ups, regular ones Oh yeah! I hope the next set is of her in the sweater and jeans and that is not just a teaser that goes nowhere.
WayneCon - almost 2 years ago
beautiful model and set
TigerWoods - about 2 years ago
Lots of potential, nice bod, a redhead but somehow, something is still missing. Maybe the next shoot?
waydownsouth - about 2 years ago
Beautiful young lady.
ifd474 - about 2 years ago
She's my next wife!
btlsp2000 - about 2 years ago
She's got a lovely body. Pics 16 and 17 are awesome. Where's the boob pics?
thoth - about 2 years ago
Ummm...What could have been...
moopieb72 - about 2 years ago
pointless video
kobe123 - about 2 years ago
Johnny Tees - about 2 years ago
Nice set, love the sunset beach shots, bathroom, and closeups!
princefan79 - about 2 years ago
I agree with the comments Wendy's first set is better but this one is nicely shot though!
Spitfire - about 2 years ago
Now should be the future. Her first set had far more heat to it. I hate it when sets go in reverse, defying expectation. Nice fashion shoot, though.
every_breath - about 2 years ago
Her previous set was the bee's knees...
bswanwick - about 2 years ago
lol. Love the girl though never been a fan of the sand combination...
rockabil - about 2 years ago
Jeez no culture at all. Next photograph her naked on a bed of cheese burgers. The way she is captured gives the impression she has a learning disability.
JCDC - about 2 years ago