Natlie Austin Taste Of Texas added on Apr 25, 2015

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Introducing Natlie Austin. I traveled all the way down to Houston, Texas to photograph this nineteen year-old knockout. She was born and raised in the area. Natlie attends nursing school, but also has ambitions to become a record producer. I photograph attractive women for a living and don't have a boss, so I have forfeited the right to tell anyone their dream is impossible. As you can imagine, there are many forces pulling for Natlie to do all sorts of scandalous acts on camera. And just like any young, beautiful woman with a sweet disposition, there are men trying to control and manipulate her. So cliché, guys! Randy Travis' "Forever and Ever, Amen" is the track in the bonus video. More Natlie coming to Zishy.
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Bonus Video Clip

those last few seconds........makes the video worthwhile
time4play - 4 months ago
i love her bOObs and her pretty face....
joeyz69 - 5 months ago
Girl has got Body Karate going on!!!!
Tantrum - 8 months ago
i hope u have more of her she is way too damn hotttttt!
trini17 - over 1 year ago
Please have her back ASAP! She's incredible!
rollo - over 1 year ago
DusterMan5 - over 1 year ago
Wigglewaff - over 1 year ago
Nothing beats a real set of tits.
moopieb72 - over 1 year ago
There are only a few girls here that have had immediate crushes on; Hannah Kinney,Kerstin Dorsia,Nikki Yann,Carol Jasabe...but Miss Austin has offically taken my #1 spot. She is sooooo pretty and that body....Lawd!
SmallAxe - over 1 year ago
Per. Fection.
Oh Yeah - over 1 year ago
@blanco0311 it was at a ranch/resort in Cypress, TX
Zach Venice - over 1 year ago
As a native Texan, I must say you started my Sunday off on the right tit.... I mean on the right leg...I mean the right foot. Anyway, this is one of the best photo sets you have ever done and there have been many, but you nailed this in a very Zishy way. thanks
rockhopper29 - over 1 year ago
wow, what a great model and great photo shoot....more please
rocky - over 1 year ago
Natlie is great Zach, very sexy, loved the light in this set too. I can understand the natural focus on her chest but would love to see her in her knickers too!
Wowzer - over 1 year ago
mr.sinsational666 - over 1 year ago
Another gorgeous woman who doesn't mind acting silly. She may make me forget Keisha!
daverbee - over 1 year ago
My new favorite. Please bring her back
fmj1987 - over 1 year ago
Very Nice Set
BigPete009 - over 1 year ago
Great shoot! She is gorgeous!!
larryirun - over 1 year ago
I am in love.
mr.sinsational666 - over 1 year ago
You nailed it! Great set. Look fwd to more of her.
Cactuscat23 - over 1 year ago
You have really been bringing your A game lately, Zach. Fantastic stuff
strykerman - over 1 year ago
pale.ale - over 1 year ago
OK, first off Natlie could have her own websie I would love. Second she needs to be the girl with the most sets on this site. Third, Zach you need to move back to Texas and create a site with just Texas women!
WayneCon - over 1 year ago
as a houston hative i have to say this is a fantastic set. where did you take the photos?
blanco0311 - over 1 year ago
Hell yes.... especially loved that pouting... more pics next time
sgc - over 1 year ago
Great album and great music, Zach! I think Natalie and Bailey are the best models on Zishy at the moment.
elportonative77 - over 1 year ago
Sweet girl, love the khaki short shorts. Nice bod also!
bowfinger - over 1 year ago