Audrey Star Privates School added on Apr 11, 2015

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These were taken at the Georgian Hotel in Santa Monica. Audrey Star had just picked up her authentic private school uniform from downtown and was eager to put it to use. I attended a private school up until college and had to tolerate wearing a uniform. And if that wasn't bad enough, my high school was single sex, no girls. For what it is worth, I advise you not to put your child through this sort of nonsense. Uniforms, ok, but creating an unnatural environment that isolates the sexes seems absurd. If you want your children to be prepared for the real world, force them to grow up in real world conditions, or they might just end up twisted like me ;)
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Liking the school girl!
CART - over 1 year ago
It's funny, I see people complain here if someone is too skinny or too voluptuous and yet as I go through all these galleries I see all kinds of women, some I find plain some outrageously gorgeous. But the neat things is they all come across sexy and interesting. This is probably due to Zach's choosing of the women he photographs as they are not all just pornstars but real people willing to share themselves with us. So thank you Zach and all the ladies who make us want to come back here day after day.
WayneCon - almost 3 years ago
Lovely, sexy young looking tease. Very pleasant - thanks. x
remigius - almost 3 years ago
moopieb72 - over 3 years ago
I could have used another two pages of this set. I enjoyed the simple sexiness.
Rodd - over 3 years ago
Nice set but you should throw in some close ups.
billzish - over 3 years ago
Now Zach, I disagree. Possibly the lack of daily contact with the opposite sex during those awkward young teen years is just what you needed to appreciate them and be on this fine line of respectable deviance. At least I appreciate it. But girls seem different now adays than back when I was in school anyway. (fucking old man/shut the fuck up!) I like the skinny girls, I like the big girls, I like the inbetween girls.
axiom49 - over 3 years ago
Loved Audrey Zach, lets see some more of her... could have done with some contrasting coloured panties to really make this special
Wowzer - over 3 years ago
you have such a good eye! have you ever done any film?
mercu - over 3 years ago
Rockhopper come on now, let's get back to the entire point of this site, which is to portray women and girls as they are, in their diverse forms, celebrating the energy they have in common, not to pander to a single set of tastes and self absorbed CUNTS such as your good tastes are in fact similar to yours and yet Audrey is as much what I paid to see as Cassie and company
tobysultan - over 3 years ago
Come on now, let's get back to some girls with meat on the bones. Some curves like Cassie Becker (aka) Cassandra Starr, and Chelsea Waltzer, etc.
rockhopper29 - over 3 years ago
WOW!!!!!!! She is amazing. You are gorgeous, Audrey! I would have liked to have read more about her, though. I always enjoy reading about the girls. I hope there are lots more Audrey shoots to come!
billmurraythebatman - over 3 years ago
I am liking the school girl look.
Johnny Tees - over 3 years ago