Delia Castillo Black Tights And Sun added on Apr 02, 2013

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Delia Castillo is a petite Latina from Southern Cali. I had her photographically explore the phenomena of the black-tight-trend with me. It is a recurring theme that has mystified many a male in the colder months. It's as if the female gender found the perfect way to give the finger to Father Winter who said you couldn't look sexy and stay relatively warm. And when the sun shines bright, pure magic occurs. Lululemon may not describe it in such a positive manner. They are a yoga apparel manufacturer that came under fire recently for selling products that were transparent in direct light. Apparently many girls were doing yoga without panties under their Lulu-pants. What is this world coming to?
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Doris12 - 12 months ago
This message is for the photo guy, Notice which are your favorite models and all (many) of the messages are how the viewers would like to see 'more' of her. In one of your blurbs you said what a sexy and willing model you had and then you took no photos of her in her "all together' because you don't wan other models to think that it's what is expected. Believe me that women who are willing to model for lingerie photos and light nudity know what it wanted. You fool yourself regarding your viewers and your models. Time to smell the coffee. You make it all about you and you're not the customer on either end of the deal. Coffee . . . brewing. . . smelling
Dusty Roads - about 1 year ago
Tantrum - over 1 year ago
Cute and sexy , a real good combo.
WayneCon - about 3 years ago
Vert cute, sweet, gorgeous, beautiful-perfection - mwaaah - love you baby!!!!! - XXXX <3 .
NRSHDHK - over 3 years ago
Incredibly hot. And pic 17... Sweetest tongue on the site :P
Messiah - about 4 years ago
Oh what could be...
moopieb - over 4 years ago
more please!
terry5087 - almost 5 years ago
Please photo more of her; she's naturally sexy.
jboogie005 - about 5 years ago
Please do a LOT more with her.
PandyFackler - over 5 years ago
Your investigative work on the Black Tight Trend is commendable, and I wish to see more.
cmrossman - over 5 years ago
Magnificent. Bravo. First set I checked out and not disappointed. Yoga Pants- Bring us More, please.
OZONIC - over 5 years ago
She's a real hottie! I'd love to see more of her...
voyeur13 - over 5 years ago