Lavi Neagu Goes Hollywood added on Nov 30, 2011

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Is it me or does Lavi often have a striking resemblance to Scarlett Johansson ? This Romanian sweetheart is a successful model and pageant queen. She loves living in Hollywood and has her sights set high. Lavi is intelligent and professional, but if you spend enough time around her she shows off her fun and playful side.
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A brunette Scarlett, that works for me. Lovely girl, short but sexy set.
WayneCon - over 2 years ago
edgarallanpoe - over 3 years ago
Ummmm, she is AMAZING! Can you please either bring her back or give us some naughtier updates? I mean outtakes from these shoots that may be more provocative?
darebul - over 3 years ago
Bring her back.
Johnny Tees - almost 4 years ago
Sexy girl!
moopieb - about 4 years ago
She is gorgeous and perfect! More please!!
michrisna - about 4 years ago
I suppose with a lot of work Scarlett could look this good too ;P
TheJAY - over 4 years ago
Before I read your comment above, I was struck with this woman's resemblance to Scarlett Johansson. So it isn't just you.
Whistlingfish - over 4 years ago