Alaina Fox Home Cooking added on Aug 31, 2012

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Alaina Fox is a soft spoken nineteen year old from Northern California. Early this Summer, her and her boyfriend packed up their things and decided to make a go for it out here in Los Angeles. Alaina loves to eat organic, natural foods and often opts for vegetarian dishes. Her guilty pleasure is a bean and cheese burrito from her local Mexican joint. She says eats three or four of them every week!
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love girls with glasses . . . niche shape of her boobs. and I love that butt
greywolf - 4 months ago
Beautiful girl, one of the best on the site....sad to see the self harm scars hope she's ok now.
muttley - over 1 year ago
Striptease starts with taking of the glasses: makes a very valid point :)
bluemel - over 1 year ago
nice seethrough
joeyz69 - about 2 years ago
Zach, the cute factor with her is over the top. The black shorts on her skin, great choice. I would have loved a shot with the sheer top and no bottoms at all. But that's just me whining. Great girl.
axiom49 - over 2 years ago
shoot her again...been too long shes got a thing
zishn - almost 3 years ago
photo #17 is perfection, I have to think you really captured her essence here. (Yeah, OK that sheer little blouse doesn't hurt either!)
myfreakison - almost 3 years ago
Sorry but the girl seems unhappy to be there... disturbing for me.
AndyC - about 3 years ago
Beautiful, nice, hot, sweet...
karbo - about 3 years ago
Soft, sweet and beautiful
geofold - about 3 years ago
Very sexy girl, very natural!
moopieb - about 3 years ago
Love the natural look, why not more photo sets!
nightrider - over 3 years ago
Alaina is the prettiest girl on the site, please ask her to do more shoots, she is so beautiful
Joecool58 - over 3 years ago
Alaina looks very pretty with happy or sad faces, the camera loves her beauty... and me too.
nigelf1 - over 3 years ago
Alaina is gorgeous in every shoot. This one's another favorite.
zishyfile25 - almost 4 years ago
Fantastic! This girl is cool and she's HOT.
billmurraythebatman - almost 4 years ago
Always a winner
Daigoz - almost 4 years ago
rololukaz - over 4 years ago
So cute girl!
Eyder Chavez C. - over 4 years ago
Fascinating! I'm mesmerized. Her smile is so sweet... She really moved me.
Anderson - over 4 years ago
This woman is absolutely incredible!! When is her next shoot?
Someone Other - over 4 years ago