Krista Ellman Lazy Garden added on Jul 02, 2012

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Krista Ellman is a 19 year old from Lancaster, CA. She is yet another dancer-type who has found her way to Zishy. And by dancer, I don't mean stripper. Although, strippers can be quite talented with their moves. The first time I went to a strip club, a girlfriend of mine pulled me along. It's funny how songs can stick in your head once you see a single mom dancing buck-naked to them for cash. Have you ever heard Rabbit in the Moon's remix of Sarah McLachlan's Possession? Good times.
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nothere - over 1 year ago
Very nice presentation. Pretty girl and very well endowed and yes, I would love to see her nude.
Dusty16Trails - about 2 years ago
Stunning babe with a killer body!
WayneCon - over 2 years ago
Would love to see some nudes of her..
PD268 - about 3 years ago
so fine.go....get ....more
zishn - over 3 years ago
blue ball queen candidate.
moopieb - almost 4 years ago
I have to stop looking at her pictures! My mind id starting to wander and it's ALL ABOUT HER!! WOW!! She is one GORGEOUS BABE!
Artie1 - over 4 years ago
The Best!!
Akerfeldt - over 4 years ago
Beautiful and soooo sexy... You got one lovely body!
seckle - over 5 years ago
lovely curves
dale - over 5 years ago