Eloisa Guerra Jumping Out The Gym added on Aug 03, 2018

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I gotta hand it to Eloisa Guerra. She was on the fence with being photographed for Zishy, and I had to travel to Tampa Bay just to meet her. So this could have been an epic failure. But in the end, her pantry was stocked up with bravery and sexuality. If I have any communication skills that help me with models, a big one is stating the obvious. "Damn, your butt looks amazing in those pants." "Your face is absurdly beautiful." Be honest and considerate and things will probably go your way.
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Images 16 and 18 capture the essence of Eloise's uncertainty and sensuality. She's very, very cute.
DarthSync - about 2 hours ago
What a tease! I hope she's not trying to work off that belly chub. It's adorable and sexy as hell.
recessesofmymind - about 8 hours ago
I never comment. This time I had to. Eloisa, if you read these comments. You're gorgeous. Absolutely no reason to be shy. Love to see more. Zach, if you can use your charm, please do. 10/10
Mixel - 1 day ago
too hot. dying to see her full nude
maddy - 7 days ago
moopieb72 - 11 days ago
Eloisa you are such a poppet!! ❤️❤️
Spitfire - 13 days ago
safbd - 13 days ago
Sexy latinass
Johnny Tees - 13 days ago
perfect seductress. need more of her.
maddy - 13 days ago
Wonderful ass.
johnsiv - 13 days ago
Bobby Peru - 13 days ago
r0000b0t - 14 days ago
It pleases me when she teases me
asphaltcowboy - 14 days ago
perfection !!
tagsu3 - 14 days ago
oh lord that body is ridiculousssss
Diablo7 - 14 days ago
happyboy - 14 days ago
Damn me....yes please more of the same very soon!! ❤️❤️
Spitfire - 15 days ago
Nice, want to see more
kdss - 15 days ago
Very nice. That's quite an eye catching backside Eloisa has going on there. Hope to see more.
Ison13 - 15 days ago
Welcome to Zishy, cutie. <3
foxfire475 - 15 days ago
Her butt does look amazing in those pants. Can't wait to see more.
benovan - 15 days ago
She's gorgeous. Would like to see more!
non3 - 15 days ago
She reminds me of Nina Dobrev Not sure which part. Love the round forehead. I don't mind Flat ones either. Know some beautiful flat big foreheads but those round ones like Natalie Portman just demand attention. Also shows off the hairline :O
PatrynXX - 15 days ago
Bike shorts? How about her in only some white or gold bib shorts?
longtemp - 15 days ago
Eloisa has very beautiful armpits. In fact, those armpits got my dick rock hard
ftgrl980 - 15 days ago
Sexy girl. Workouts are great. I would have my eyes peeled on that butt if I saw her in the street. She has a great smile also.
bowfinger - 15 days ago
I pray there's a pt 2
Blackdoc - 15 days ago
mden15 - 15 days ago