Sidney Alexis In Fake Venice I added on Mar 04, 2018

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Welcome Sidney Alexis, everyone. We were in the real Venice about a week ago, but now we return to the area that your narrator is named after, the fake Venice. Many of you ask why I do not just ban those who make hateful, inane comments on this platform. The reason is because they(he) will not change our perspective, but possibly he will see our reactions and rethink his. It is never too late to grow. This person whipped out his credit card for a subscription to a mostly non-nude site, so maybe there is hope. Or maybe we are just being trolled.
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very nice
rabbit77 - about 1 month ago
Wow, she's sexy! Her face kind of reminds me of Shailene Woodley, which isn't a bad thing. The only thing that would have made the set better was if some of the ass shots had more of her panties/thong showing. Either way, hope to see more of her!
recessesofmymind - about 1 month ago
Gorgeous lady, wicked curves, wonderful shoot!
Tantrum - about 1 month ago
DT - about 1 month ago
Bruh I’d suck on those tits for hours literal hours
LeatherSoSoft - about 1 month ago
Awesome curves, great photography, well said appleman I agree
Jensor - about 1 month ago
one of your best shoots... this is EXACTLY why i pay for this
appleman - about 1 month ago
hey... i will take cbas123 left over membership!!!
appleman - about 1 month ago
i bet her asshole smells great
appleman - about 1 month ago
murderoy - about 1 month ago
#40 . Idk why I love the armpit shots. Specially when it’s all waxed and sexy mmmmm
Anonno - about 1 month ago
Thanks for reminding me how capitalism works. Anything for a dollar. You can do whatever you want if you have the money. Porn is gross no matter how much you try to class it up. Just a breeding ground for sexism and racism by a bunch of ugly souls whose parents never bothered with. Keep however many months I have left I'm out this butch.
Cbas0123 - about 1 month ago
my kind of girl. #28
Paintjack - about 1 month ago
moopieb72 - about 1 month ago
More of her shes cute! And that woman in the laundromat nosy lol looking at her.
elt1guere - about 1 month ago
Wow, great curves Sidney, and love the freckles!
room199 - about 1 month ago
she is great more please!
IllIIl - about 1 month ago
The last image makes me think there might be a Part 2?
griffin2002 - about 1 month ago
Sidney you are gorgeous in every way what a fabulous first set please please please come back soon!! ❤️❤️
Spitfire - about 1 month ago
Was just saying yesterday as I showed a gal to my mate, how nice it is to have some fuller-fleshed examples of the fairer half of our kind. So often they're just skin & bones! But the well-endowed in every way is very pleasing indeed! Sidney Alexis, you are truly gifted! And the genuine smile really helps! Va-va-VOOM!
Moper98 - about 1 month ago
This girl is awesome!
johnsiv - about 1 month ago
Sidney is a hottie!
Grumpy0308 - about 1 month ago
what's normal?
Mic_virus - about 1 month ago
thank you for this much anticipated update, it's good to see a normal beautiful model on the site
pitchin4 - about 1 month ago
Yes, what a great set and great girl.
mden15 - about 1 month ago
Wow! what a stunner.....
squalus - about 1 month ago