Asia Amour as Pink Panther added on Mar 02, 2018

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Asia Amour might be a stripper or an exotic dancer or a model or maybe she is just a beautiful woman that plenty of people would pay to see in sexy photos. We must all be guilty of giving into the temptation at some point. I would not blame anyone for having weak judgement around Asia. Sneaker Pimps' "Six Underground" is the track in the bonus video.
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Bonus Video Clip

By far my favorite girl on this site.
mruglyhands - about 11 hours ago
very beautiful
rabbit77 - 14 days ago
She's so pretty. It seriously hurts my soul.
recessesofmymind - 15 days ago
Hot damn!! Sexy!!! Btw, that pitchin4 person is just making an ass of themself. I actually laugh when I see them comment and feel sorry for them, their offspring, and family if that's the way they all think. Don't know the gender so I'm keeping it neutral.... Just sad... On to the regularly scheduled beautiful ladies!!!
Blkstln - 16 days ago
She's a photographer's dream, wow what a sexy body!
Jensor - 18 days ago
Please ban that racist Pitchin.
Johnny Tees - 18 days ago
Ouch mama!
Johnny Tees - 18 days ago
Some of the most artistic and sexy shots EVER! Love the pussy jewelry and how you lit that...
Xevo - 19 days ago
RED hot sexy, 5 star set, thank you, picture 12 for the win.
lonic123 - 19 days ago
She is perfect.
Bobby Peru - 19 days ago
Come on Zach, please do us a favor and ban that asshole from the comments. I'm all for free speech, but it is your business and you have the right to refuse service.
randomname - 19 days ago
Favorite..... i need more <3
koristu - 20 days ago
ok ok how about this video update give pitchin4 a rifle and put him on the front lines and we all just wait to watch him run away and scream like a little girl.
free4all - 20 days ago
ok ok how about this video update Asia Amour, Bell Richardson, Dajah Wallace, Noelle Monique, and Simone Miles they are standing next to each other and they play the national anthem and we all just wait to see what happens.
pitchin4 - 20 days ago
It's funny how so called white-supremacists are never the surgeons, or composers or great artists of western culture, just the flubby pasty-skinned losers who can't accept their own mediocrity. Get out of your own way Pitchin4.
marceire - 20 days ago
Thanks Asia!
marceire - 20 days ago
Beautiful body , great smile, great poses. more of Asia pls.
Engineer27 - 20 days ago
Such a sexy body
asphaltcowboy - 20 days ago
She is really nice... Zach, please ban pitchin4!
pinion - 20 days ago
Enough's enough Pitchin4, you've gone too far with this last "2001 a space odyssey" comment. If Asia isn't to your taste (for whatever reason) that's fine. But don't impose your views repeatedly onto the rest of us. You're disrespecting the beautiful women who pose for Zishy and disrespecting many of the members using this comment section who don't want to read this racist bullshit.
Ison13 - 20 days ago
I got an idea for a video update use Asia Amour, Bell Richardson, Dajah Wallace, Noelle Monique, and Simone Miles and use them to remake the first 20 min of 2001 a space odyssey.
pitchin4 - 20 days ago
She's so sexy! @pitchin4 - STFU, dude. If you don't like, don't comment. Simple.
DT - 20 days ago
Wow, incredible. This young woman is fire. (Great shoot, too.)
mozuon - 20 days ago
oh yes I love this shoot.
PD268 - 20 days ago
Beautiful beyond words. Just remarkable!
karl55 - 20 days ago
Think this might be the hottest set / model you've ever shot :O Too bad there isn't a 9000 star I'd do it.
PatrynXX - 21 days ago
If that's not the most beautiful black pussy I have ever seen... (not irl who sees pussy irl these days, not I)
LeatherSoSoft - 21 days ago
A goddess indeed! Truly spectacular! <3
Ison13 - 21 days ago
Not bad!! xx
Spitfire - 21 days ago
@pitchin4 pussy
Cbas0123 - 21 days ago
hoyhoy69 - 21 days ago
Very nice.
jayzord - 21 days ago
Seriously, please ban pitchin4 from commenting. There is enough oh this brand of white power bullsh*t in the world, we don’t need it on Zishy. Absolutely stunning set.
Snuffboxed - 21 days ago
echo - 21 days ago
to bad there isn't a zero stars option, this set and others that are similar don't deserve one star
pitchin4 - 21 days ago
so sexy omg :D
skaithius10 - 21 days ago
bribear2 - 21 days ago
pitchin4 is a dumbass. What a beautiful woman. Love the great work Zach!
SanchanatorBMW - 21 days ago
Beautiful young lady. Very happy to see her back on here again. Please bring her back again very soon.
biged72 - 21 days ago
thank you for not using the flash on some of the pictures of her, I couldn't see the model
pitchin4 - 21 days ago
This chick is ridiculously sexy
Hornytxn - 21 days ago
btlsp2000 - 21 days ago
what the fu#k !!! you made us subscribers wait three days for this sh%t !!!
pitchin4 - 21 days ago
Best Asia set yet. There's no better way to end a set than having the girl roll around naked on the floor.
benovan - 21 days ago
A truly black goddess!!!
etxegoyen - 21 days ago
You just made my day. Gorgeous!
waydownsouth - 21 days ago