Tiffany Drake UCLA Stocker added on Feb 22, 2018

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If you are a young man or woman looking at these photos and wondering why you don't see too many people prancing around like Tiffany Drake here, it is because this is fantasy. This is entertainment. Just like you don't see many people trying to kill each other inside a cage on a routine basis, yet they do it in the UFC. Intellectuals think that porn is giving a misguided sex education to today's youth. Yes, there are many morons out there who grow up thinking your average woman wants to be choked and spit on. But on the whole, I give youth more credit. They will learn by trial and error just like we did. They will understand what is reality and what is entertainment. They will smirk at our fantasies the way we now smirk at "I Love Lucy". Or maybe gangbangs will just be the norm. Who cares?
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Love the booty! She is a wild one.
Johnny Tees - 14 days ago
Favourite so far this year, wow what a shoot!
Jensor - 25 days ago
i would love to taste her sweaty asshole...
appleman - 25 days ago
Gorgeous woman, great talent as a model - fantastic set.
bluestreak - 26 days ago
rabbit77 - 26 days ago
Ooh yes please!! ❤️❤️
Spitfire - 26 days ago
moopieb72 - 27 days ago
Great set! More like these would be nice. Thx
tenframespersecond - 27 days ago
Tiffany's so fine. And that ass...spectacular!
Ison13 - 28 days ago
Think she could have used that tongue a bit more. Maybe on a very cold pole :D
PatrynXX - 28 days ago
She look like mila kunis
LeatherSoSoft - 28 days ago
Incredible! If this is a "nonnude" set - I want more "nonnude" sets!! Seriously hot girl implicitly inviting me into all three of her gorgeous crevices ..... heck YES! Thanks Tiffany ;)
Wildbrit - 29 days ago
And such a hot set!
room199 - 29 days ago
Glad Tiffany's back. Such a tasty lady!
room199 - 29 days ago
Nice girl. Ugly piercing.
emi777 - 29 days ago
Incredible! This is why I'm a Zishy subscriber. Sexy, artistic exhibitionism with fleeting glimpses of nudity. So very well done....
Robyngoodfello - 29 days ago
Are those tights street legal? lol
bowfinger - 29 days ago
More! More! More!!
CaliJack2349 - 29 days ago
Come on Zach. You're gonna give me a heart condition! Another stellar set with an amazing model. Nice going. Now where did I place that life alert button?! ;-)
JoeZ - 29 days ago