Elsa Vernos by Ismael Desna added on Feb 06, 2018

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I came across Ismael Desna on Instagram. He is a photographer from Spain. Ismael is passionate about creating provocative images of exceptional models. Naturally, that means we have a lot in common. He shared some shots of his beautiful friend, Elsa Vernos, and I was smitten. Sometimes, all you have to do is flip through a copy of "Terryworld" with the right kind of gal. If you ask nicely and manage to not come off as a creep, there is a good chance you will soon be taking her first naked photos ever. Thanks, Terry.
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Substance - 9 days ago
wow! you guys really stepped it up here. Elsa is one the most beautiful women I have ever seen! Nice work!
Tvegas69 - 12 days ago
dan she fuckin hot !!!
tacoboy - 14 days ago
Need less women eating and more women with heads in microwaves.
RayGun - 14 days ago
WOW, amazing puffy nips... more soon please.
lonic123 - 16 days ago
great shots of a stunning girl
JackW - 16 days ago
Sexy pics
Johnny Tees - 17 days ago
Very nice nipples like bullets....fantastic!! ❤️❤️
Spitfire - 17 days ago
Very Tasty!
Ison13 - 17 days ago
Think it's more this is her first nude photoset. I'm sure she had test runs.
PatrynXX - 17 days ago
I'm not sure I'm buying that these are "her first naked photos ever" but that hardly matters. An extremely beautiful girl and wonderful photo set. Well done.
maestro9 - 17 days ago
Excellent work
asphaltcowboy - 18 days ago
moopieb72 - 18 days ago
very pretty
rabbit77 - 18 days ago
Elsa is Delicious, will we get to see more of Elsa ??
paul1776 - 18 days ago
Elsa is incredibly hot! I like these international collaborations.
room199 - 18 days ago
Que viva España!!!!!
Muzampa - 18 days ago
figured it out...it's that even boring lighting from either another soft box or on camera flash...get rid of it for these shots, it's ruining otherwise nice work. More natural window light would help give some dimension.
JoeZ - 18 days ago
beautiful... and god bless XL view on #47
fmj1987 - 18 days ago
More sky high angles on all your models! :)
Housestark - 18 days ago
waydownsouth - 18 days ago