Gillian Barnes Girls are Rad added on Jun 29, 2017

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Gillian Barnes is another one whose return has been requested by many of you. To me, each girl on Zishy is special, otherwise, I would not have sought her out for your viewing pleasure. But then there are those that give the word 'special' a new meaning. Gillian is on that level. I shot her in Arizona and I would gladly return to the scorching heat if she ever beckoned me. Gillian, PLEASE beckon me. Music by Smallpools and Plastilina Mosh is in the bonus video.
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Bonus Video Clip

Beautiful Smile!
Tantrum - 13 days ago
For those that get upset with what you do. Zach. If they left. Their loss. Not every girl could make a 3 min. video interesting..................
axiom49 - 14 days ago
Gillian is definitely my favorite girl on the site. So freakin' hot & super-cute.
Joe31 - 18 days ago
Great model but your videos are the dumbest things ever
billzish - 19 days ago
Incredible set and a great video. Wonderful way to start the day!
johnsiv - 22 days ago
jrarms2x - 23 days ago
Now that you have proven that you are willing to provide a 3 minute video you realize your faithful fans are expecting all videos in the future be of at least the same length, hopefully. Best set ever 10+, what an incredibly beautiful woman, thanks.
Stig - 25 days ago
That might be the single best video I've seen here yet. What a beautiful happy young lady!
Ronin669 - 25 days ago
this set is a winner for sure Mr. Venice - keep doing what you're doing!
maxdelsmart - 26 days ago
Incomprehensibly beautiful. Thank goodness she keeps coming back.
flaerndip0 - 26 days ago
Along with Jazz Reilly, Gillian is the hottest girl on this site! Thanks for this gallery! :)
johnsnapper - 26 days ago
Gillian is the reason why i joined Zishy, and the reason why i remain. Amazing set of pictures.
bibabel - 26 days ago
Perfect body... even the freckles... So beautiful and sexy!!!! The best ever!!!!
Mano - 26 days ago
Instant Hall of Fame. Those brown eyes, that smile, those curves, WOW ... thank you.
lonic123 - 27 days ago
PotatoCrusher - 27 days ago
there has to be some irish blood in there somewhere...
matiou - 27 days ago
awesome pictures
rabbit77 - 27 days ago
dude! you like got the best job in the world! Gillian! what a woman!!
happyboy - 27 days ago
Rufeous - 27 days ago
Fucking hell Gillian is back with a bang!! ❤️❤️
Spitfire - 27 days ago
Yes!!! Glad to see some more of Gillian... hope there are more sets coming real soon!! She so gorgeous
Crash n Clash - 27 days ago
If anyone was ever to ask me to describe the perfect female, all I need do is produce one of these pictures. Any will do.
archeron - 27 days ago
How are you ever going to top this?!
Wodanaz - 27 days ago
i think I'm in love again.
s00p sp00n - 27 days ago
I can die now.
arobinson807 - 27 days ago
Bless you
streetcar55 - 27 days ago
I am speechless, vocabulary does not extend to words required to explain her and this set, and video.
jg123 - 27 days ago
love the freckles and THOSE EYES not to mention everything else
wyldeone - 27 days ago
23 + 50 = inability to think straight
JoeZ - 27 days ago
Holy shit.
randomname - 27 days ago
An utterly charming, utterly beautiful woman. And photo no. 14 is one of my favorites by you, Z.
Phorsythia - 27 days ago
Gillian's boobs are hypnotic. Great video.
Ison13 - 27 days ago
Greene4554 - 28 days ago
And great work on the video. Lovely tease, great dancing, and Gillian is so spunky. I love her laugh.
edgarallanpoe - 28 days ago
Awesome, I'm speechless. Gillian is probably my favorite gal on the site. Beautiful, fun, and sexy all at once. Many thanks to her for the shoots and here's hoping she comes back soon! Also many thanks for the feet shots.
edgarallanpoe - 28 days ago