Jocelyn Kelly and an Aries Noodle added on Jun 25, 2017

Jocelyn Kelly and an Aries Noodle - 1
I only remember a few things about Jocelyn Kelly. I remember that she loved caffeine but does not eat gluten. I remember that she is kind, but at the same time, still has a difficult personality. Perhaps, I can blame it on her being an Aries. I don't believe in that shit, but For some reason, I have a track record with this sign. Perhaps, my heart has been stepped on and kicked by another Aries. Every time I see that symbol tattooed on a girl's body, an alarm sounds in my head. It sure is good that I don't believe in that shit.
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moopieb72 - 7 months ago
Magnificent. Bravo!
bartbart - 10 months ago
davymidnight - 10 months ago
. . . . Euphrates wathers in his eyes ...
prepuccicat3 - 11 months ago
Gorgeous face esp when she smiles. Butt pics #54 #55--outstanding!
dufreakjo - 11 months ago
Hot as f&ck.
Avery_J - 12 months ago
These are incredible!
filthandfun - 12 months ago
what a treat
kinkyman - 12 months ago
so amazing! terrific shoot.
rabbit77 - 12 months ago
so amazing! terrific shoot.
rabbit77 - 12 months ago
Believe me, Zach, there is a reason why that alarms sounds whenever you know an Aries is near you. It's called self-defense and never, ever doing repeating that shit ever again!!!
wink - 12 months ago
Amazing! 5 STARS!!
tenframespersecond - 12 months ago
I would enjoy every inch of her like a was gifted a free 'All You Can Eat' Lobster Buffett ~ just pass the Lobster Bib and Wet Naps ,... and its on like Donkey Kong !!!!!!! :)
ALLCHEEE808 - 12 months ago
Dimples right above the butt such a turn-on!
Brewba - 12 months ago
On point, amazing photos, you hide things just right.
jg123 - 12 months ago
One of the very best sets on Zishy. Incredible model and photography.
CarlPerkins - 12 months ago
5 star set, thank you.
lonic123 - 12 months ago
Your very best work so far, Zach ! Congratulations!!!!
wink - 12 months ago
Hands down, the best photo set on this site! Her beauty and sexuality are over the top!
csk9038 - 12 months ago
Thanks Zach, really appreciate how far you push the edge of the Zishy concept here! Jocelyn threads the needle between tease and explicit delightfully well.
Wildbrit - 12 months ago
Thanks Zach - another girl on my "in love" list. Its getting ridiculous :)
sargie - 12 months ago
Nice nips at pic 30
Johnny Tees - 12 months ago
insanely hot.
Diablo7 - 12 months ago
HOLY SHIT!!!! Jocelyn is amazing more please much more!! ❤️❤️
Spitfire - 12 months ago
Adorable, and I don't see what the issue is with resolution. Maybe kpin1 is missing the button to see the full size photos? This shoot especially has an incredible amount of detail.
benovan - 12 months ago
happyboy - 12 months ago
Great set! Am loving the atmosphere generated by the model with all the pillows and lace on the daybed. Jocelyn has a cute lil' butt and all! *Applause*
princefan79 - 12 months ago
Very cute. If every set was this good there'd be few complaints.
dave35 - 12 months ago
Agree, another great set. Not to start anything, but I think the resolution of all the images is great. Is it common practice for pay sites to offer higher resolution than these? If so, maybe upping the res would be smart to stay competitive all of those who share kpin1's viewpoint. Honestly, Zishy's unique content is the only thing I'd ever pay for. Way to work the lace Zach, she looks amazing.
JoeZ - 12 months ago
This is so good but zach these women deserve higher resolution photos.
kpin1 - 12 months ago
Hot, though. And one of the better bodysuits to appear on Zishy.
2juta4 - 12 months ago
She is very sexy. More, please!
voyeur13 - 12 months ago
Thank you thank you thank you
stevewest - 12 months ago
wow !!!! now that is a beautiful woman. Zishy can you please bring back Summer Carter
pitchin4 - 12 months ago
Another great set
Upsetmisogynist - 12 months ago