Asia Amour and Lucky Me added on May 19, 2017

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Asia Amour is an L.A. native with a figure from the cosmos. She met up with me at the mall and we wasted no time getting after it. Asia found a prop book in the Macy's furniture store that had a swastika printed on one of its pages. Kinda odd. It is easy to look at our current world and think that human civilization is unraveling. But you can also look at it from another angle and remain optimistic: Our dumb asses have made it this far. Go humans!
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I love black women!
mazzie12 - 3 days ago
What a beautiful woman. Truly stunning.
SanchanatorBMW - 4 months ago
Never at the mall when these things happen :D
PatrynXX - 5 months ago
Would love to see more of her
Timbob - 7 months ago
A very hot girl with a hot ass!
MikeDO - 7 months ago
Beautiful face. I love those pics of her gazing over the book. Awesome ass too--looks great in the dress and the bare butt shots. Awesome portfolio here
dufreakjo - 7 months ago
I bought a pair of jeans and the inside flap where the zipper is had "Lucky You" embroidered on it.
randyt - 8 months ago
She's so gorgeous
Reza - 9 months ago
My goodness, I'm speechless!!!!!
Blkstln - 9 months ago
nice background set ... give extra real life feelings. her butt is so sexy. more ..and more
Ginolova - 9 months ago
Most comments on an update ever. The subscribers have spoken. We need more Asia! :P
Ison13 - 9 months ago
O Girl is Fine, Real dime piece, hopefully she comes back again,
warlord2017 - 9 months ago
I'm just leaning back in my chair and enjoying the effect that she is having on me!!! And, those nipples are incredible as is the rest of her. More of her please.
Tinguy - 9 months ago
HenryJ - 9 months ago
Please more pictures of her! She is really hot!
pinion - 9 months ago
every one is so focused on that stupid planted book. i would be more offended with pictures 31 32 and 33 if you know what I mean. I'm surprised the model possed that way.
pitchin4 - 9 months ago
Asia, you are beautiful!
marceire - 9 months ago
princefan79, are you saying she planted the book with the racist symbol in the store? or if she came across it in the book randomly she should have ignored it to avoid bringing up race, or do you just hate black people?
marceire - 9 months ago
thanks pitchin, when do we see simone again. soon i hope
stevewest - 9 months ago
She's hot. It's OK to not like Nazi's because they were dicks. Thanks, for posting this, Zach! Sorry you haven't couple fans with white fragility, but keep it up.
Ogsunday - 9 months ago
pic 21, yes girl thumbs down to your gallery.
pitchin4 - 9 months ago
As Ed Sheeran put it "im in love with the shape of her"
Jensor - 9 months ago
jukd22 - 9 months ago
Dusty Roads - 9 months ago
Wow that ass is sexy. You need to bring her back here now I can't get enough of her sexy ass and body.11/10
Ross - 9 months ago
Killer booty!
Ison13 - 9 months ago
She is a really wonderful woman!
BxMan - 9 months ago
Bring this beauty back time and time again.
Drkdom - 9 months ago
The book is obviously an encyclopedia... We are looking at the letter "H" here. The German word for Swastika is "Hakenkreuz". The pictures of the men and the building are other subjects starting with "H". E.g. the guy in the bottom right is Carl Hagenbeck, the founder of a Zoo in Hamburg, who died in 1913. The interesting thing though is that "Hakenkreuz" seems to be misspelled "Hagekreuz", that's why it is sorted before directly before "Hagemann". So no Nazi panic needed here...
ghvasdjkn - 9 months ago
Hey blanco0311 This image in the book that Asia is holding is a Nazi swastika! The Jewish religious symbol was originally at 90 degrees and had a totally different meaning but then the Nazis came along and turned it through 45 degrees and became one of if not the most hated symbols on earth that being said the two symbols now get confused!
Spitfire - 9 months ago
Nice set! ❤️❤️
Spitfire - 9 months ago
One of the most beautiful women I've ever seen!
Humanicus - 9 months ago
I don't get it. This girl is stunning, and she hates Nazis. How would anyone object to that?
renoguy78 - 9 months ago
Whateverking - 9 months ago
you need a reshoot with this one asap!!
DrTrevis - 9 months ago
Already would love to see more of this lady. Love it!
earlyfall - 9 months ago
You're stunning, Asia. Ignore the assholes.
2juta4 - 9 months ago
.....holy fucking shit get rid of the comments section... kills my boner every time.
gpro - 9 months ago
Wow! Asia Amour is GORGEOUS!! I hope to see more of her..
Grumpy0308 - 9 months ago
I don't like black girls, but damn this girl making me rethink my ignorence
jg123 - 9 months ago
€30,99 for 365 days (non-recurring) Thank you
Rory - 9 months ago
Nice work! Subtle, understated, and creatively shot. Awesome set.
JoeZ - 9 months ago
She is a honey!
Taffy Lewis - 9 months ago
Patrick4800 - 9 months ago
Beautiful & gorgeous young lady. Please bring her back as soon as possible.
biged72 - 9 months ago
Powerful confidence, always leads to beauty. Historical understanding comes with age and a decade or more of education. Consider slack being cut from me. :)
spudfish83 - 9 months ago
Gorgeous girl.
waydownsouth - 9 months ago
Great set show more of her.
PD268 - 9 months ago
Posting a picture with a swastika is the photographer / site owners choice and responsibility. It makes me sad to see it on this site. I will not renew my membership. This site was about young women to me, now it's politics, world war II rememberences, and a lot of negative comments.
Rory - 9 months ago
Great set!!!
Kaiser Rick - 9 months ago
Hey Zacch - I was wondering. Can we vote to kick out one of your members ▼?
maxdelsmart - 9 months ago
ughhh !!! like I said before on the Carolina Munoz update, ill rather have ten straight updates of Carolina than to see Asia Amour, Bell Richards, and Simone Miles ever again. a waste of an update.
pitchin4 - 9 months ago
Just fantastic !!!!
Alain - 9 months ago
Just fantastic !!
Alain - 9 months ago
Some killer curves on that girl.
lonic123 - 9 months ago
Asia such a beautiful find. Thanks Zach and Asia on a fantastic set.
sad144 - 9 months ago
Asia slays me! Super set.
Ragnar2014 - 9 months ago
Rocking set
blanco0311 - 9 months ago
To the idiot who thinks someone not approving of a swastika is finding a way to make things "always about race..." That is most definitely NOT a simple German cross. But nice job of making it about race yourself. And while it is true that the swastika had religious connotations long before Hitler co-opted it, the swastika shown exactly in that style is unmistakably of the Nazi variety. These comments, I swear. Great gallery, though, Zach. (I incorrectly stated the book is in German previously but I think just the names are. It is clearly some sort of encyclopedic or historical text from Europe. Regardless, my points still stand).
twilliam85 - 9 months ago
We're so lucky that this beautiful woman was willing to share that gorgeous booty with the world. We've seen some amazing asses on zishy, but it's rare that we see a legit 'booty' this perfect.
benovan - 9 months ago
The swastika was an ancient religious symbol long before the Nazis turned it into a symbol for hate. My guess is it's in the book in a religious context, but hard to say without seeing the book. Asia is incredible, though. Fantastic gallery.
Bridgy2010 - 9 months ago
jukd22 - 9 months ago
Just...woww! More, immediately, please!
princefan79 - 9 months ago
I was liking the set quite a bit until she (yawn) holds up the book with the German cross giving her thumbs down with a smirk on her face. You have a black girl and she somehow is able to bring up race without saying as much as a word. Quite an accomplishment. Always about race.
diablo69 - 9 months ago