Paula Swenson I Am Waiting added on Apr 10, 2017

Paula Swenson I Am Waiting - 1
Paula Swenson can sing, act, look fabulous on the catwalk, and best of all, she can Zishy. Iowa, you've outdone yourself. Paula's long legs and striking facial features will be hard to top. I placed her first gallery in reverse chronological order because it just made sense. Thank you for making this possible.
Paula Swenson I Am Waiting - 2
Paula Swenson I Am Waiting - 3
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Bonus Video Clip

she is SOOOO nice
billzish - 6 months ago
Amazing voice!
tornadomeister - 11 months ago
OH MY!!! She Is Gorgeous!!!
Tantrum - 11 months ago
Ison13 - 11 months ago
The video is a great addition to this set. Paula is a thoroughly charming young lady.
EdwardGorey - 11 months ago
Nice first set! ❤️❤️
Spitfire - 11 months ago
Brilliant ......Paula my new favourite zishy model.
TigerWoods - 11 months ago
Need more.
moopieb72 - 11 months ago
Eyes like quicksand
jackstraw - 11 months ago
Fukin' A......
Hypey1 - 11 months ago
Kaiser Rick - 11 months ago
Great voice and charming personality ♥
Ragnar2014 - 11 months ago
Paula is gorgeous, with those long legs and that tight ass. Can't wait to see more.
voyeur13 - 11 months ago
Lovely eyes
2juta4 - 11 months ago
Nicely shaved pussy. Definitely hope she makes another shoot with Zishy
wink - 11 months ago
Paula's a stunningly beautiful lady with a figure many women can only dream of!
RoodieDoodie - 11 months ago
Perfect nose
regsf - 11 months ago
Those eyes....Jesus.
takigan - 11 months ago
adamsuu - 11 months ago
Amazing model! Gorgeous and sexy.
Wilk - 11 months ago
Lovely looking young lady. Great addition to the zishy family. Hope to see more of her soon.
biged72 - 11 months ago