Bonnie Luntz Hey Cupcake added on Mar 29, 2017

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The other day, someone complained of Zishy not focusing enough on normal girls. This implied that I was selecting women that were too photogenic? Not sure. No matter what I do here, I know there will always be complaints. So I try not to sweat it. I bring you variety, because that is what I like in life, variety. On normality, your 'normal' woman would not publicly expose their provocative side. Your normal woman justifiably fears the judgement of others. I am proud to say that I rarely have to photograph a normal woman. Most you find here are as heedless and brave as Bonnie Luntz.
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Bonus Video Clip

She is definitely a stunning piece of female work
asphaltcowboy - 3 months ago
That tits shot from pic 45 is hot! Lover her jiggling butt as she walks away in the video. Only thing missing for me would be a close up of her face. She's really beautiful
dufreakjo - 7 months ago
Bonnie looks more delicious than a fruity-pebbles-sprinkled cupcake! Yum!
princefan79 - 11 months ago
Bravo Cupcake!! your beautiful and brave, I hope you will work with Zach again
paul1776 - 11 months ago
HenryJ - 11 months ago
Yes. Simply Yes!
davymidnight - 11 months ago
I get plenty of "HardCore". I always look forward to your next update. Zishy is my place to come and see the "Girl Nextdoor" being naughty. Your one lucky guy!
wonka808 - 11 months ago
You're an amazing photographer with a unique eye. Your vision for this site from the start has been about leaving something to the imagination. Maybe they were just saying to stay true to the fun nature of your images. These shots look effortless and natural to us on this side of the fence but I know there's a ton of coordination work and expensive gear, etc. that go into it. Great work. Keep it up. There's no one else out there with your eye for these types of images.
JoeZ - 11 months ago
sweet, more please
kleinerwini - 11 months ago
Would be happy to see more of this model in the future.
Mandulis - 11 months ago
@Zach... boring - are you out of ideas ?
pale.ale - 11 months ago
Good girl
Johnny Tees - 11 months ago
Perhaps by "normal" girls (whatever that means), they mean not porn actresses. At any rate, I have always shared and appreciated your taste in women. Love Bonnie. Can't wait to see more.
voyeur13 - 11 months ago
Stellar booty, absolutely lovely smile and an incredible body... She rocks
Hornytxn - 11 months ago
I will keep it short ..... frigging HOT .....
sgc - 11 months ago
bribear2 - 11 months ago
Very Interesting.
moopieb72 - 11 months ago
Oh yeah!! She's a keeper! Nice work, Zach
wink - 11 months ago
Nice to see a "Zishy" type girl being featured again. I was worried there for a minute.
Hypey1 - 11 months ago
I love the variety. Girls like Bonnie should be normal! One can wish; the world would be much happier. : )
edgarallanpoe - 11 months ago
Well, yeah, "normal" girls aren't going around showing their breasts in public, but I think the complaints are about the porn actresses. Girls that are already familiar with having sex on camera don't have the the same let's say "excitement" factor that girls who haven't done racy photoshoots do. That being said, personally, I don't mind seeing girls that have done porn on this site - I'm a fan of everything you're doing here and I get the difficulties inherent with finding models - but there is always something exciting about a young lady showing a side of themselves that they haven't already shown thousands if not millions of people. Anyhow, Bonnie is one sexy little lady!
benovan - 11 months ago
I like this girl. Prettyy smile.
gpvb555 - 11 months ago
Can't wait to see more of her soon. ₩
jdog - 11 months ago
A cheeky fun and sexy set very nice!! ❤❤
Spitfire - 11 months ago