Ksenia Gali Yellow Means Go II added on Mar 23, 2017

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We take our little party to the sands of Santa Monica. It was a breezy day and Ksenia's shirt was having trouble keeping her covered, and there was much rejoicing. Ksenia Gali might seem petite, but she stands 5'9" without heels. Her exotic features can be misleading. She traveled to the US by way of Moscow. And before that, probably some island where they cultivate goddesses. I hope Trump befriends this island and we all live happily ever after. However, I am not going to bet on it. Brazilian Girls do "Homme" in the bonus video.
Ksenia Gali Yellow Means Go II - 2
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Bonus Video Clip

painted - 14 days ago
Too damn sexy...
Voyageart - 23 days ago
Ah, down the blouse peeks and little puffy desserts. With a little Brazillian Girls mixed in? We are on the same vibe Zach. You keep doin' whacha doin' my man.
axiom49 - 25 days ago
Ridiculously hot, what a beauty.
marceire - 25 days ago
TigerWoods - 27 days ago
Zach, I rarely post a comment, but it's getting to the point where you are losing the real reason for your site. So, I'm going to tell it like it needs to be said, I'm to the point where your site is putting me to sleep. The real reason I joined your site was you worked with "EVERYDAY GIRL"! now you seem to be only looking for the girls who are models. I can find that in Porn or on other sites. I'm not sure how much longer I can continue to support this site when it NOTHING, but I'm perfect looking girls, like when you get them from FTV (FIRST TIME VIDEOS). That's a site with models not everyday girls, instead it models. Get the average college girls like you use to or just a neighborhood girl from MAIN STREET America! The past were set BORING!!!!
littletoes - 28 days ago
Ksenia you have fucking amazing puffy nipples babe I want to see more much more and I think I'm not alone! Yummy yum yum yum!! ❤❤
Spitfire - 30 days ago
shes a joy to behold. can't get enough, i'd vote for another set.
stroker - about 1 month ago
Zach, your site is so boring!
pale.ale - about 1 month ago
Blue Balled!
moopieb72 - about 1 month ago
Very Very Nice, Excellent
Santiago - about 1 month ago
oh man - I like everything about this girl. More please!
maxdelsmart - about 1 month ago
Was this a joke?
theone82 - about 1 month ago
clever Zach, clever! Leading us in to wanting more! Yep! Got my vote!
wink - about 1 month ago
More pics!!!
barnicules - about 1 month ago
Ummmm, where did them titts go?
isilyen - about 1 month ago
*snores* So boring. Cookie cutter, formula shoot.
pale.ale - about 1 month ago
First time than second set is worst than the first one...
haposai - about 1 month ago
more sets of her!! great shots! <3
Kaiser Rick - about 1 month ago
Green eyes to die for. I'll go and die now. Thank you Zack and Ksenia Gali.
amy_celeste - about 1 month ago
man who pays for this? I mean she's beautiful but paying... for this?!?!
fshep11 - about 1 month ago
Delicate. Flawless. Beauty. 10/10.
Amorph73 - about 1 month ago
Great gallery, she's wonderful. Love the video. More peeks.
ericpault - about 1 month ago
Mmmmm, so simplistic and sexy! That always works for me.
Wilk - about 1 month ago
Beautiful puffy areola/tits!
ratboy - about 1 month ago