Vitalia Pugova Welcome To Espain added on Mar 16, 2017

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From an Italian American in Florida to a Russian model living in Spain, Zishy is quickly becoming as international as the Zika virus. Jorge, a likeminded misfit in Barcelona, hit me up wanting to contribute to the site. I was game the moment he showed me his friend, Vitalia Pugova. Apparently, she has had some success with mainstream modeling, which isn't a surprise judging by her classical beauty. It took them a few tries, but I feel Jorge is now dialed in and ready for the next assignment.
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Ginolova - 6 months ago
Barcelona! ye ye
axiom49 - 8 months ago
she is exquisite!! I bet she'd make a good wife ;)
kidego - 8 months ago
TigerWoods - 8 months ago
Damn me oh hell yeah!! ❤❤
Spitfire - 8 months ago
Beautiful woman. Nicely done!!!
Hardlyhavingfun - 8 months ago
Beautiful cooch
LeatherSoSoft - 8 months ago
I have fond memories of visits to Park Guell and La Sagrada Familia, and this is a whole new reason to love Barcelona. The variety in settings contributors offer is a great addition.
EdwardGorey - 8 months ago
Lovely smile
TDTD3232 - 8 months ago
CarlPerkins - 8 months ago
moopieb72 - 8 months ago
great great great!! Lovely!! More sets of her!!
Kaiser Rick - 8 months ago
Pic 50 is fantastic!
ederkami - 8 months ago
Very lovely! Vitalia can come again.
room199 - 8 months ago
Pic 49 delicious (:
Johnny Tees - 8 months ago
Fantastic girl, really. Please come back soon !
Alain - 8 months ago
Great set!
billmurraythebatman - 8 months ago
Variety is the spice of life ! Thanks to Jorge and Vitalia, welcome to the Zishy family, hope to see more of you both soon.
lonic123 - 8 months ago
Very beautiful girl that's not afraid to show her tits and isn't covered with tattoos. Too bad they aren't all like this.
rollo - 8 months ago
This set was a waste of time
theone82 - 8 months ago
That first shot in front of Familia Sacrada is very nice
wink - 8 months ago
How you persuaded such a good catholic girl, woe !
wink - 8 months ago
Zika virus is no joking matter.
PaC - 8 months ago
Another beauty I'd love to see more of in future.
RoodieDoodie - 8 months ago
Vargas60 - 8 months ago