Spencer Bisson Tastes LA Kale added on Mar 08, 2017

Spencer Bisson Tastes LA Kale - 1
Sorry for the delayed updates. I have been traveling around to bring you the ghosts with the most. As a piece offering, I present you this super-sized update of the ever-screen-melting Spencer Bisson. We ventured around Downtown LA, then had to seek shelter in order to pull off this revealing bodysuit sans the shorts. Enjoy my favorite (so far) freckled Canadian diva.
Spencer Bisson Tastes LA Kale - 2
Spencer Bisson Tastes LA Kale - 3
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I don't normally comment but this.....this is Zishy. More shoots like this showing a bit more
Mixel - 11 days ago
Simply stunningly gorgeous!
wink - 11 days ago
Ison13 - 13 days ago
I loved the shorts, but from #70 on i was needing me drool cup.
axiom49 - 14 days ago
THE BEST! thank you!!
YOUTHFAIRE - 14 days ago
Outstanding model, outstanding set, and a far superior body suit to the brown one! ;-)
2juta4 - 15 days ago
Hottest woman here
Solo234138 - 16 days ago
Thigh oh my, she is delic-ass! I swoon for redheads.
radiofredd - 16 days ago
Absolutely gorgeous. Thank you!!!
Drkdom - 16 days ago
I love her imperfection!!!
barnicules - 18 days ago
Spencer Bisson is absolutely stunning, as always. Great shoot!
veeshan - 18 days ago
The girls are beautiful, your photos are beautiful thank you so much for doing what you do .
chi! - 18 days ago
OMG!!! she is sooo F*cking hot!!! perfect 10!
happyboy - 18 days ago
Triple wow! Can't wait to see those gorgeous breasts in the next set :-)
room199 - 18 days ago
best kinda zishy pictorial..."real girl mischief"
martymcbutterfly - 18 days ago
73, 101, major ass appreciation, a spankable bum on a shag rug.
hoyhoy69 - 18 days ago
A strong athletic beauty, turning up the heat! Spencer is one of my favorites for sure, and this set is solid sexy and sassy, love it! Keep up the good kinky work Spencer. Hoping there is another set someday soon!
hoyhoy69 - 18 days ago
good lord!! you have no idea how long i´ve been waiting for one more update of this amazon goddess. please more, 3 pages are not enough!
rafael - 18 days ago
Oh Yes.
lonic123 - 18 days ago
that body is absolutely astounding....an easy 5 out of 5 to me.
Diablo7 - 18 days ago
Three sets of her, all the way to Canada this time, and we still don't have a decent glimpse of her freckled ample bosoms, which are sure to be among the top ever featured on the site. What the hell? You're killing me, Smalls.
every_breath24 - 19 days ago
Absolutely correct- a freckled diva, yep!
wink - 19 days ago
Page 4, pic 17. Is she really pissing?
wink - 19 days ago
Loved her from the start..loved 46 and 99...
stevewest - 19 days ago
Perfect, more of her please
chevsky - 19 days ago
Absolutely amazing Lips (both sets).
Wilk - 19 days ago
Such a beautiful woman, thanks for sharing.
marceire - 19 days ago
Naked time totally shaved
Killbill - 19 days ago
moopieb72 - 19 days ago
Yeah not bad! ❤❤
Spitfire - 19 days ago
yep, she takes the cake.
waydownsouth - 19 days ago
My goodness she is straight sexy!
Blkstln - 19 days ago
another great set of her & zach!
Kaiser Rick - 19 days ago
MegaNerd09 - 19 days ago
"Piece" offering... Freudian slip, or no pun intended? :)
maestro9 - 19 days ago
Well worth the wait to get such a pubetastic set with such a beautiful young lady. Thank you, Canada!
benovan - 19 days ago
I think we can forgive you with a stunning update like this. Spencer is on fur in this, absolutely sexy perfection. Thanks to you both!
edgarallanpoe - 19 days ago
Holy crap!! 3 pages. I wondered if I'd ever see this day come here on zishy. Wouldn't mind a 3rd page of lovelies such as Jazz Reilly, April Grantham, Essie Halladay or even Irelynn Dunham to name a feweek. Thanks for the effort though Zach.
biged72 - 19 days ago