Bridgette Vaughn Gives Gifts added on Dec 26, 2016

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Bridgette Vaughn is a muse that I can easily become addicted to, however, editing out any of her photos is a difficult task. We shot these at her place as she prepared for the holidays in Arizona. Unfortunately, Bridgette is quite stern on her position regarding nudity. But what Bridgette offers is still an amazing gift to us all.
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Bonus Video Clip

She is attractive, but needs to not be so modest about removing her clothes
asphaltcowboy - about 1 month ago
Running downstairs in heels, never a good idea!
ohw_fr - 4 months ago
"guys just love dumb shit"
axiom49 - 10 months ago
i can't believe I paid for this
billzish - 10 months ago
I need to see so much more of this lady.
room199 - 11 months ago
Brilliant......Bridgette is my new favourite Zishy model! More please.
TigerWoods - 11 months ago
Bobby Peru - 11 months ago
Zishy very zishy. That's what this website is supposed to be all about
Incognito - 11 months ago
Seriously, talk about boring. Sorry, i see more skin at the beach.
Frosted_Butts - 11 months ago
my favorite girl
zodiacrules - 11 months ago
TigerWoods - 11 months ago
TigerWoods - 11 months ago
Woww. Awesome! So very Zishy--thanks for sharing with us this find. It is amazing how tantalizing a figure can be while draped in fabric cloth! May we have another...?
princefan79 - 11 months ago
Oh, blue balled...
moopieb72 - 11 months ago
I want to see much more of her!!!
cinnic - 11 months ago
She would look fantastic in a bikini.
GuyinGreen - 11 months ago
Nice boob and ass
Johnny Tees - 11 months ago
Like those galaxy panties, would enjoy taking them off for a closer look and her universe.
rockhopper29 - 11 months ago
oh what a beautiful woman, give me her adress please and I will book in the moment a flight to USA
kleinerwini - 11 months ago
She is a beautiful woman and the pics aren't bad... But something about a woman putting off a "stuck up bitch" vibe a turn-off
Hornytxn - 11 months ago
Photos that leave everything to the imagination. Oh well.
Mike1050 - 11 months ago
Well worth the wait Zach!
Substance - 11 months ago
Beautiful but please free those puppies
hubbahubba - 11 months ago
Gorgeous woman but wtf is up with the tongue twister photos?
pale.ale - 11 months ago
very pretty
bribear2 - 11 months ago
She won't show her tits so the tongue thing is all he could get out of her?
rollo - 11 months ago
And what's with taking seven shots of her sticking her tongue out in an entirely non-sexy way?
every_breath24 - 11 months ago
Waste of our money and yours. It's not fashion shoot time. Two for yawn.
every_breath24 - 11 months ago
Killer jugs
benovan - 11 months ago
Yummy yummy!! ❤❤
Spitfire - 11 months ago
She is GORGEOUS!!!! I do wish she wasn't so stern about nudity, but this is still amazing!!!! I hope Bridgett comes back a lot more!
billmurraythebatman - 11 months ago
Very pretty model but...yawn.
rollo - 11 months ago