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Album_055-0000050227719 dafuq1212
about 6 hours ago
Album_030-9444000316660 dafuq1212
about 6 hours ago
"Damn she's hot "
Album__mg_8025 Scottyg1010
about 12 hours ago
"Need more of Shelby ASAP"
Album_20-3561233744020 stormlord63
about 14 hours ago
"Hmmm! This woman is Exubberant.. She is perfect physically.. and emotionally.. The Bible says that Lucifer was his most beautiful and perfect creation.. I think this proves the devil has something else to be jealous of, cause he is no longer the most beautiful. Only thing I DO NOT like about Nola, is that I am NOT her boyfriend. :( "
Album_49-9652224702000 stormlord63
about 15 hours ago
"Definitely the HOTTEST woman on Zishy. A young Kathy Ireland. "
Album_025_3261154617950 marceire
about 17 hours ago
"Goosebumps - love real beauty, with little adorable imperfections, stubble, authentic human gorgeousness. Screw makeup and photoshop!"
Album_037_3295061711490 mruglyhands
about 17 hours ago
"More more more. She's beautiful!"
Album_020_8529080404000 lonic123
about 20 hours ago
"I must admit to slight disappointment with this final set, that said over her many sets Patience has not only shown us her great beauty but a wonderful quirky uniqueness, which I have greatly appreciated. I wish her the very best for the future and motherhood."
Album_020_8529080404000 Amorph73
about 24 hours ago
"What a stunning surprise! 100% pleasure!! Patience's 6th gallery is here!!! I'm long been a huge fan of the most beautiful witch in Zishy wonderland! Patience not just simply gorgeous, but she has an invincible charms! Her glance is irresistible, her body is perfect, her bold, exciting galleries are my favorites all time - that wet set is truly breathtaking!!! Only 34 pics, but my heart is crash when I look at any of them! I agree with those writes their opinion in front of me: any superlatives not exaggeration about that absolutely annihilating beauty: Patience Dolder! (Thanks so much! I can't wait her next comeback!)"
Album_020_8529080404000 princefan79
about 24 hours ago
"I wanted to see her in more kinky Zishy shots! So selfish...."
Album_020_8529080404000 gojo885
1 day ago
"Oh Well!"
Album_020_8529080404000 voyeur13
1 day ago
"I always loved Patience. Sorry to see she won't be back, but thankful she shared her beauty with us."
Album_025_3261154617950 2juta4
1 day ago
"The reveal is everything I hoped."
Album_020_8529080404000 edgarallanpoe
1 day ago
"Damn. I'll miss the beautiful Patience, but good for her. She'll be a wonderful mom. :) And as always, thanks for the feet shots. "
Album_33_064350115035580 yolo14729
1 day ago
"Wild and beautifull,good energy "
Album_004_5966034738320 kleinerwini
1 day ago
"oh she is so hot, more please, more!!!"
Album_025_3261154617950 room199
2 days ago
"Oh wow. The wait was so worth it - look forward to more!"
Album_025_3261154617950 kitty
2 days ago
"eeh! She's okay. Suh dude"
Album_025_3261154617950 jdog
3 days ago
"Like, fucking woww!!"
Album_025_3261154617950 Diablo7
3 days ago
"this girl is goddamn incredible"
Album_004-0001207334693 swaghouse
3 days ago
"1000%, Smoke Show! DAMN!"
Album_025_3261154617950 biged72
3 days ago
"Hooray for part 2."
Album_18-0125190152847 dogfish4987
3 days ago
"Just incredible. Hope you bring her back soon!"
Album_025_3261154617950 Taffy Lewis
3 days ago
"OMG those goosebumps. Such a cutie. Please don't ever lose that smile."
Album_025_3261154617950 mrbowie
3 days ago
Album_025_3261154617950 Ison13
3 days ago
"Oh yeah. Very nice!"
Album_025_3261154617950 Boomsie
3 days ago
"Now we wait for part 3! Great set, great model "
Album_025_3261154617950 JoeZ
3 days ago
"Wwwoooow. She's perfect. Nice job Zach. Please tell us there's a part 3 somewhere..."
Album_060_2871150830000 JoeZ
3 days ago
"She's an amazing natural at this Zishy-type stuff. Great job in bringing it out of her."
Album_025_3261154617950 Tinguy
3 days ago
"So good to see her boobs - paart 2 didn't disappoint!"