Romi and Raylene Visit the Villa added on Dec 10, 2014

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The moment I saw Romi and Raylene on another site, I knew they were something special. Just about every aspect of them is interesting. They are near 6-feet tall, thin, beautiful, entertaining, and adventurous. They were in Cali because they had an itch to take a road trip across the country. I am personally fascinated by the bond Romi and Raylene share. It seems there are no barriers between the sisters. In many ways, I regard them as a single entity, but admittedly, I will never fully understand their connection nor how it feels to hold such a closeness with another individual. Hence, my fascination. Security told us to stop taking photos about five minutes after arriving at the Getty Villa. So we continued, and we were told to stop again. And we continued, then we left. There is not much 'heat' to this one, but fear not, more of R & R to follow soon from less restrictive venues. Kurt Vile's "Never Run Away" is the song in the bonus video.
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